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Worldcon Debriefing

Shown above are the doors to the dueling SFWA Suite rooms at Worldcon 76. We ended up having two hotel rooms across the hall from each other, because just one wasn't big enough to hold as many people as we expected--and we definitely needed both on Saturday night!

We had some fun with it, as you can see. The private security we hired (because reasons) was very helpful for checking badges and IDs at the door, making our normal "door dragon" volunteers somewhat superfluous, but it was good to have redundancy there, if you ask me.

My own highlights--aside from catching up with old friends, making new friends, and enjoying the general camaraderie of fellow fans and writers--included the "Lighting a Creative Spark" panel and a shared reading with Zandra Renwick. (Follow links to see Twitter reports.)

I won't be able to attend next year's Worldcon in Dublin, but you can see all my upcoming appearances at:

K2 Fan Mail

From Facebook:

Thanks to Marlene for brightening my day again! Previously, in late 2017, she sent me a similarly charming message about how much she enjoyed Waypoint Kangaroo, opening with "I am vertically challenged" and going on to describe how she first saw my book at her library because it was within "the two rows of books at my eye level." I love hearing about the different ways readers discover my books, and I love that this particular journey started at a library.

(BTW, if you like jewelry, Marlene's husband Ric has an Etsy store with science-fictional handmade artifacts. This is not an endorsement, just an FYI.)

What's Next?

August was an event (and event-prep) heavy month with the Willamette Writers Conference and Worldcon, and I think I've figured out that my performance limit is two conventions a month, ideally only one of them involving out-of-town travel.

We'll see how that works out. I'm still new enough at this "professional author" thing that I feel like I should say yes to most things, if I can, but I am also very aware that I need to keep doing the actual work of writing the next thing.

To that end, I will be putting my nose to the figurative grindstone for the next few weeks, revising version 2.0 of the new standalone novel. My very supportive wife has given me a deadline of October 1st (my birthday), since I've been fiddling with this manuscript for well over a year now, and I would hate to disappoint her. Wish me luck!

Nora Jemisin three-peats at the Hugos! (Scrub forward to 2:13:00)
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