Being Seen: Deafblind author Elsa Sjunneson discussed how disabilities are represented in media, in conversation with Curtis C. Chen at Powell's Books

Achievement Unlocked: On National TV!

Okay, it was C-SPAN2, but it still counts for the career bingo card. You can watch the entire “gavel to gavel” replay of my conversation with Deafblind author Elsa Sjunneson about her excellent book BEING SEEN: One Deafblind Woman's Fight to End Ableism, now out in paperback!

A small shed, painted gray with red trim and a white door, half-circle rainbow doormat in front, in the backyard
Matching Starfleet deltas: window cling and keychain

Back Office Unlocked


We had this “backyard office” project on the wish list when we bought our house in 2021, and late last year, we found a local company (Focus Space NW) that offered exactly what we wanted! My interior work space isn’t completely set up yet, but I’ll be posting updates to Instagram, if you like that sort of thing.

Tye and Alice have different aspirations in life