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Who has two thumbs...

...and is writing an original short story for the forthcoming Aliens vs. Predator: Ultimate Prey anthology? Well, yes, Delilah Dawson and many other awesome humans, but also moi

More details later, but just for you, <<First Name>>, I'll share my pitch, which was approved without changes:

17-year old Lily Shǒu has a plan for getting off her rotten colony planet home: she's going to win a scholarship to a core-systems university by dominating her high school science fair. Sure, she's planning to cheat, but she's not going to feel bad about getting revenge on the jerky kids who have made fun of her prosthetic hand for years. Unfortunately, one of the ill-advised experiments at the fair breeds a Xenomorph rat swarm, which summons a young blood Predator, and things get a lot worse before it gets better. The only thing more dangerous than two killer aliens is a teenage girl with a grudge.

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I am once again making an effort to keep my author events page updated, but here are two things happening #SOON that you might be interested in:

And IIIII will aaaaalways looooove CAT PICTURES
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