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And thanks for your patience while I muddle through all this Patreon and Curious Fictions stuff. I've settled on a scheme to distinguish the two, at least until I come up with something better:

Curious Fictions for READERS
I've been posting mostly reprints on Curious Fictions, but by next year I'll have run out of those (at least, everything that's been out long enough for rights to revert to me). So starting in January of 2020, I'm going to commit to writing an ORIGINAL SHORT STORY every month for Curious Fictions. Think of it as a new version of 512 Words or Fewer. Public accountability FTW! If you want to see where my head's at, short fiction-wise, this is the subscription for you.

Patreon for WRITERS
I know many of you are also writers or other creative types, and I'm going to steer my Patreon content toward sharing how I go about making my art. This will include early drafts of published works (I've already posted the original ending to Waypoint Kangaroo, and I'll post the original ending of Kangaroo Too next month), commentary on past pieces, and musings about my process. Pledge here if you want to see how the figurative sausage is made.

And you can, of course, support/follow me on both platforms!

In any case, this newsletter will always be freely available to anyone who wants to read my periodic ramblings. TELL YER FRIENDS PILGRIM

What's Next?

I'm doing three events in the Pacific Northwest in September:

Remember, you can always find my upcoming appearances listed on my website at!
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