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I know. I know. Last time I was harping on about voting, and this time it's workers' rights? Maybe you were expecting different from this newsletter, but SURPRISE, I'm just going to ramble on about whatever's on my mind when I get the reminder to send this out every two weeks or so. Sorry not sorry!

Anyway, the HarperCollins union (UAW 2110) has been on strike since November 10th, and even if your own livelihood is not directly affected by the publishing industry's wacky shenanigans, I would argue that taking a union's side in labor negotiations is never wrong, especially in our current necro-capitalist dystopia. Here's a reader's perspective, a news breakdown, and ways to support the union right now.

Meanwhile, in the #fediverse

I've actually had a Mastodon account since 2018, thanks to the awesome XOXO Festival community, but I'm now using it as my primary social media outlet (because reasons). If you're interested, you can follow me here: (and if you're still confused by the great migration, you can read this starter guide).


Work continues on my 2022 nanowrimo project, which is—you heard it here first!—A FOURTH KANGAROO NOVEL. What happened to book three? Well, I'm planning to release a few different novel-length works next year (2023), but not quite ready to announce titles or schedules yet. Watch this space for more definite info #SOON!

Last But Not Least

As we head into the holiday shopping and giving season, I implore you to remember that money isn't real. (Here, let a cat explain it to you.)

I hope you're able to spend some of your time and energy through the rest of this year pursuing real happiness, rather than a 20% discount. (Also let the NPR Planet Money guy explain it to you.)

Time together is all we have, and precious little of it at that.

Cats, with occasional birbz
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