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Happy Halloween!

This edition brought to you by Stephanie Swanson, PTA Parent Volunteer (not an official spokesperson of Border Star Montessori or KCPS)

Are you ready for costumes, too much candy, and lots of questions from small children who recently learned to read asking "Ummm... what is the 'Edge of Hell?'" I'm just so excited!! Our newly minted 4-year old has changed her costume idea now twice... after I went to the thrift store and bought furry fabric. It's a great start to the week before Halloween!


Halloween Parties - and the UnParty
PTA Trunk or Treat:
Sunday, October 27th 5-6:30PM

October 31st:
Halloween Parade:after lunch
Classroom parties: 2:30-3:15pm

In addition to the holiday festivities, Ms. Parker hosts an "UnParty" In the library for any students who do not celebrate the holiday or would otherwise would not like to participate in the classroom celebrations. The UnParty is an opportunity for students to read together or alone and have some fun snacks.

It is important to note that the UnParty is NOT a place of punishment but a fun place to still have fun but without the themed party content happening in the classroom. 

If you would like your child to attend the unparty, please send a note to school with your student or email your teacher to let them know! 

Costumes are optional! However, if your child wants to bring a costume to school, make sure it easily fits into your child's backpack, that you child can put it on himself or herself, and that there are no masks that cover the face or weapons of any kind.

Why all the fundraising? Due November 4th!

So I got this fundraiser packet... but why?? What does the money go towards, anyway??

If you're anything like me, fundraising is one of my least favorite things to do... but our fundraising committee is amazing and has put together some great (delicious) options for helping out the school!

The fundraiser money goes to the PTA to help the school with a variety of projects and teacher support. Examples of projects include: tetherball poles on the playground, soccer goals and basketball hoops, $$ for the teachers directly for classroom supplies, professional development reimbursement for teachers, a new sound system for the auditorium, field-trip t-shirts for all Border Star Dragons, just to name a few! Feel free to review the budget of the PTA if you have any questions about how the money is spent - it was recently reviewed at the last PTA meeting. 

Rather than asking people to buy fundraiser items, another option is to donate directly. Head to and look for the PayPal button!

What other questions do you have?

So... what other questions are you dying to have answered? Or you just feel like you could use more information about? Please let us know!

Email with any questions!

The purpose of this communication is to help keep new (and new-ish) parents informed of things they might not otherwise realize are happening around Border Star - for example: Should I plan to come to the Winter Program? When are the dress down days? There are a lot of things going on around Border Star and we know it can be helpful to get a parent perspective on them - let us know if you have any questions we can help answer!

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