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Three Weeks Down!

Congratulations! You and your student(s) have made it through the first few weeks of school! I hope your students have adjusted and are happily telling you all the things they love about school. In our house, however, we are completely through the "exciting first few weeks" phase and well into the "tomorrow is Thursday? Do I go to school on Thursday?" and "but I have a head/stomach/foot/ear/toothache" phase.

It's completely normal for siblings to be tired out and take it out on their fellow partners-in-crime at home, for children (and parents) of all ages to get pretty short-tempered at the disaster tornado they bring through the house every day, and no one has had enough sleep. While it seems like a great idea to schedule in 20 minutes of reading every night, soccer practice, folding laundry, playing outside, and maybe some cuddle time while watching a TV show together, too often we're doing good to make it to bed without multiple meltdowns from the 3-year old and several rounds of stomping from the bigger ones. This too shall pass and 20 minutes of reading will be enforced later in the school year. Our teachers are doing amazing work with our children and they are TIRED.

Remember that snacks, early bedtimes, and lots of love and compassion for all the hard work they are doing is the key to surviving the adjustment back to school schedule... and I'm not just talking about the children here.

Why yes, I did just finish off a glass of wine and cookies as a child got out of bed for the 4th time...

PTA Meeting - September 5th, 2019 5:30-7pm
The first PTA meeting of the year is coming up! We are so thankful to have such an active PTA that works to support our school in the ways that teachers and parents vote on - such as providing $200 to each teacher for classroom supplies, $$ for professional development for teachers, T-shirts for all students for field trips, special projects around the school such as playground equipment, etc. 

Dinner and childcare are both provided to help make the meeting more accessible to our families. It's always a bit taxing to add an event to the week but we are always thankful we attend for the opportunity to learn more about what is going on around the school, meet teachers and other parents, and learn how we can give back to the school community. There are an abundance of opportunities to volunteer in any way that fits with your schedule and interests and every bit of involvement helps our school strengthen and grow to support our students and community!

Please RSVP through the Facebook page for a dinner count.

Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 5:30 PM – 7 PM
Little Dragons Update
Well, we're still on the waitlist too... the district is working hard to find staffing to support the opening of an additional Little Dragons classroom. It's a particularly challenging position to fill due to the split shift with short morning and afternoon hours, so if you know anyone who may fit the description please send them to Mr. Rhyne to discuss!
Garden Boxes - Molly Gosnell (PTA Volunteer)
We are so thankful to have a raised garden bed area that our students can learn botany, gardening, and also connect with where food comes from!
The Border Star Schoolyard Garden welcomes everyone in the Border Star community. There are over 25 raised beds in the garden which are maintained by PTA volunteers. The fruits and veggies may be harvested by anyone from the Border Star community.  In the past, we have had a spring and fall planting of cool weather crops and plant again in May for summer vegetables. We need parent volunteers to help organize these classroom outings to the garden.  This Fall, we are teaming up with LINC to bring students out to the garden on Mondays between 4:15 and 5:15 to plant, harvest, and water. This is a great time to get involved in the garden.

Classes utilize the garden space for special events, and many students enjoy walking through the garden on their way to the bus. Some teachers maintain a specific garden box with their class. Families that do not have gardening space at home reserve extra raised beds in the school garden.    Contact to get involved.
Border Star BBQ - September 20th, 2019

Put this event on your calendar! The BBQ is one of the best events of the year - food, fun outside, lots of families and getting to know your student's friends and friend's families in a casual, fun party on the playground. Make sure to set aside the evening if at all possible to hang out with the Border Star family on the playground / blacktop. 
The purpose of this communication is to help keep new (and new-ish) parents informed of things they might not otherwise realize are happening around Border Star - for example: Should I plan to come to the Winter Program? When are the dress down days? There are a lot of things going on around Border Star and we know it can be helpful to get a parent perspective on them - let us know if you have any questions we can help answer!

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