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One month down... and it's almost BBQ time!

This week's edition brought to you by Stephanie Swanson, PTA Parent Volunteer (not an official spokesperson of Border Star Montessori or KCPS)

Welcome to mid-September! It’s a little strange being only one month in and already have had two 4-day weeks, but we are so thankful that our teachers are getting the professional development time (and holidays!) that they need. Every day off of school for professional development is another day of investment in our students, our school, and our district and it will benefit all of us so much. Our teachers are the backbone of our school and deserve all of the support they can get to become even better!

One of the downsides of the days off of school is the break in routine. For some kids, they love the extra day home. Our smaller ones tend to get more clingy after days off and I’m ready to banish my moody older ones outside for the rest of the weekend!! Don’t be surprised if separation anxiety peaks again after the long weekend. Stick with the routine you’ve been developing and they will settle back in soon. And remember, as sad as they are at drop-off, kids are really good at adjusting to new circumstances in life - often far better than us adults. :)

I’m a working parent - how do I get involved?
This question keeps coming up! As a full-time working mom of 3, I totally get it. It’s very hard to figure out how to be engaged in the school, connect with your child in the evenings, keep up with the daily demands of work and home, maintain any sort of relationships at all… it can all be straight-up exhausting. Here are the ways that we in the PTA (most of us also working parents of multiple kiddos) make it easier to get involved and make a difference at the school:

PTA meetings: If you didn’t make the first one, this is a great place to start!
Meetings are once per month, the PTA has dinner for anyone who RSVPs and LINC provides childcare - typically playing outside, in the gym, or watching a movie in the auditorium. It’s the best place to meet other parents, to find out what’s going on in the school, and learn about Montessori! Our littlest ones (babies or young toddlers) typically have stayed with us in the meetings while we send 3-year olds and up to the LINC childcare so we can focus on the meeting. Look for dates coming up for the next meeting!

Back to School BBQ - Friday, Sept 20th 6-7:30 PM:
Be sure to get this on your calendar! This is a really fun event perfect for getting your groove on out on the blacktop with your kids (The Battery Tour DJs are fantastic with the kids!), or let the kids play on the playground while you hang out with other parents. Lots of volunteers still needed - please sign up here:

Volunteer Opportunities: There is a volunteer opportunity for every commitment level.

From weekly items all the way to a 30 minute shift once per year, we would love to have you get involved. Ask the question - what energizes you? If you love all things hospitality, food, and cooking, we’ve got a place for you to get plugged in. If you can’t stand people but love computers, we’d love your help! If you just are too stinking busy and cannot imagine fitting one other thing into your schedule, there are opportunities to volunteer for a shift at functions you probably already have blocked on your calendar. Any of these opportunities will help you meet people at the school and get to know what the heck your child is talking about when they ramble on and on about their day in their adorable but completely unintelligible language. Coach made them do what? Is this story about another child, an activity, a teacher, a lesson, or a potato from the garden? Sometimes, you really just can’t tell. Context helps… so jump in where you can and spend some time being in their world while volunteering!

Dragon Stars (for future days off school)

For days off of school, you saw a flyer come home for “Dragon Stars.” What is it? I’m glad you asked! This is independent from the school district but is available childcare for KCPS days off of school. Flyers will come home with your student but also will be announced here on the Facebook page:

The low-down:

  1. Hours: 8:00am-5:30pm
  2. Dates: Most KCPS closed days (Next date: October 11th)
  3. Ages: 3 - 12
  4. Location: 406 W 74th St. Kansas City MO
  5. Cost: $30 per day (or $50 for two children) - pay with a check
  6. Food: bring a lunch for your student
  7. To reserve a spot: Contact Diana Thomas:
  8. Paperwork: fill out an application when you arrive!

Any questions about the program should be directed to Diana Thomas directly!

Little Dragons Update
Well, we're still on the waitlist too...we heard from Mr. Rhyne at the PTA meeting that they were able to hire for the additional classroom and we're just waiting to get the call that the staff has been able to get the new room open! We're all crossing our fingers - should be any day now. 

In addition, Mr. Rhyne has been working with the district to ensure that this debacle doesn't happen again next year, so we all can breathe a little easier knowing that he is advocating for our students and families to ensure parents are able to have the childcare they need. Some suggestions at this point include requesting aftercare at the time of enrollment to ensure staffing is adequately recruited earlier in the summer. 
The purpose of this communication is to help keep new (and new-ish) parents informed of things they might not otherwise realize are happening around Border Star - for example: Should I plan to come to the Winter Program? When are the dress down days? There are a lot of things going on around Border Star and we know it can be helpful to get a parent perspective on them - let us know if you have any questions we can help answer!

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