Registration is OPEN for EDS Wellness' 2017 Integrative Wellness Retreat! Early Reg Ends January 15!

Join us for this educational, life-changing and restorative Integrative Health and Wellness Retreat at an amazing location!

Dates: April 28th – 30th, 2017

Venue: The Salamander Resort in Middleburg, VA


EDS Wellness' integrative health retreats provide a not-so-fast-paced, educational, and soul-healing environment. We mix informative presentations with interactive workshops, while still building in time to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the resort amenities. Our activities and workshops focus on topics such as integrative strategies manage chronic pain, women’s health, restorative exercise and biomechanics, mindfulness, and nutrition — you will not “just sit there” in a conference room all day long.

We also feel that it’s critical to have a dance party at some point during the long weekend because dancing and laughter are healing too.

Photo booths are always a possibility. As is karaoke.

We’re known for organizing group activities such as a watsu aquatic massage seminar, a private aquatic barre/yoga class, salt cave sessions, trips to a flotation therapy spa, or a workshop on how to move “just 5 minutes” a day.

Each venue provides us the opportunity to offer new activities and workshops, while still ensuring that we can structure the retreat schedule around those that honor the founding mission of our integrative health and wellness conferences and why we started them.

Specifically, Wellapalooza 2017 will allow us to hold hands-on nutrition and meal-prep workshops in a cooking studio/conference room with a round table that seats 20-25 people. We are also looking into group activities such as hiking, wine-tasting tours, zip-lining (for those who are more adventurous and can try a more active and intense type of activity), and ballroom dancing lessons at during our dance party.

Wellapalooza retreats take longer breaks during the day, allowing time to rest without the worry that you are missing a critical presentation or an activity that you wanted to participate in. Our retreat schedules build in time to enjoy the various venue amenities, or maybe even the spa. Attendees also enjoy visiting with each other, conference speakers or conference vendors and sponsors. Our retreats are not packed with presentations all day long so that you have time to not only learn ways to live well but try various integrative strategies and leave with a solid platform to continue on the path to wellness after you leave.

Wellapalooza provides a comfortable space to be vulnerable and open-minded. Our retreats open up dialogue to help find paths for understanding and empower each attendee to find strength and belief in their ability to embrace wellness. Wellapalooza facilitates an environment of learning, growing and soul healing.

EDS Wellness’ integrative health conferences and retreats, provide a bridge between patients and healthcare providers.

Wellapalooza is meant to not only provide updated information on various conditions that are comorbid to each other but also provide information on integrative therapies and the environment to safely and comfortably try them.

Wellapalooza is about a cultivating a positive, healthy vibe – the #WellaVibe.

Conference Schedule and Activities:

Go to Wellapalooza 2017 Retreat Schedule and Information ( to learn more about our scheduled speakers, presentations and workshops currently planned.

***We are continuing to work on the retreat schedule and hope to be able to provide a final conference schedule by the end January/February 2017.***

Ready to register?

Early registration ends January 15th, 2017!

Registration Costs and Deadline:

– Early Registration $485 for 2-Day Registration ($565 for 3-Day Registration) – Must register by January 15th, 2017

– Regular Registration $585 for 2-Day Registration ($665 for 3-Day Registration) – Must register by February 15th, 2017

– Late Registration $685 for 2-Day Registration ($765 for 3-Day Registration) – Must register by March 28, 2017

Teens and Young Adults Program:

***Registration fee with paying adult is $200 of the cost of adult registration; however, fees do go up as the event gets closer! Registration costs are stated below. Please pay attention to registration deadlines. If interested in a 3-day retreat registration for a teenager or young adult, please email***

– Early Registration $285 for 2-Day Registration ($200 off with paying adult) – Must register by January 15th, 2017

– Regular Registration $485 for 2-Day Registration ($100 off with paying adult) – Must register by February 15th, 2017

– Late Registration $685 for 2-Day Registration ($0 off with paying adult) – Must register by March 28, 2017

The cost of registration includes two-day conference attendance (three-day attendance is also an option), conference materials, a welcome reception, Wella Dance Party on Saturday night, and access to resort amenities (i.e., fitness center, pool, etc.). Extracurricular activities and spa appointments are additional and are the responsibility of each attendee. Please contact The Salamander Resort directly to make an appointment, or to inquire about resort activities.

***Meals are not included, other than dinner at our dance party Saturday evening, snacks at our welcome reception, or food that is part of a seminar, presentation, or book signing event. We aim to keep our costs down and focus on bringing in the best speakers, workshops, and activities. It’s also nearly impossible to provide food that is safe and acceptable to everyone in our very sensitive community.***

Additional 2017 Retreat Details & Travel Information:

Accommodations: EDS Wellness has reserved a limited number of rooms at a discounted rate of $465 per night + tax and fees. Nightly accommodations are additional to the cost of conference registration.

Rooms will fit 1-4 people. If you would like to reserve a room under the conference room block, please call The Salamander Resort directly at 1-844-303-2723.

Splitting the costs of a room helps decrease room costs per night and it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family. We are also happy to help match people who are willing to share rooms. If we need additional rooms, the Salamander Resort & Spa said that they will help us add additional rooms to our room block.

We kept conference registration separate from room costs to allow as much flexibility and options for attendees possible. For other accommodation-related questions, please visit alternate accommodations, or send an email to

Please visit The Salamander’s website to read about the area and all activities – it’s a fantastic resort!

The Salamander Resort is perfect for the family, a nice weekend away with your partner, yourself, or with friends. There’s plenty to do and a fantastic spa!

To learn more about The Salamander Resort, or to read about its activities, please visit

Or, visit

Alternate Accommodations: Staying at The Salamander Resort is not required to attend Wellapalooza 2017. A full list of additional bed & breakfasts in the surrounding or nearby area can be found by going to

For other accommodation-related questions, please email

Airports – The closest airport is Dulles International Airport (IAD). Ronald Reagan International Airport (DCA) is the next closest airport.

Virtual Attendance and Conference Recordings:

Virtual Attendance is not offered at this time; however, we are looking into possible options. Details and information will be shared once available.

Video recording and post-production provided by Lucky Dog Films.

Vendor Tables:

We have room for 6 vendors/sponsors/Wella partners. Wellapalooza 2017 will be an incredible opportunity to network and discuss collaborative projects. However, because we have limited availability to host vendors/sponsors/partners, we will have specific donation options for those who would like to participate.

To learn more, please visit can also visit

Questions? Please email


Refunds will be provided if cancellation is received at least two weeks prior to the date of the conference. If cancellations are made within the 14 days before the conference, refunds cannot be provided. No exceptions. We recommend purchasing trip insurance, if necessary.

For conference, venue, attendee, vendor, or other conference-related questions, please email to

Ready to register?

Go to Wellapalooza 2017 Retreat Registration -

Early registration ends January 15th, 2017!

Link to Wellapalooza 2017 Retreat Schedule and Information Page –

We hope to see you there!


- Team Wella

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