For those interested in Wellapalooza 2017, or those who have registered, please read!

We've had an influx of people registering over the last 24 hours, which is great! People are taking advantage of the early registration discount - it's going to be amazing retreat!

Please remember we are capped at 50 spots. I have to also account for speakers and those helping me run the retreat, which add another 15 people to the total. That puts us at our total max of 75 who can comfortably fit into our bigger conference room.

We do have access to smaller rooms - ie. The cooking studio and fitness studio, but each smaller room can fit 20-30 people, which is why we will have various options for activities and possibly two different retreat "tracks" that people can choose to follow.

More details on our final retreat schedule will be posted towards the end of January/February 2017 - there's a lot to coordinate!

We also like to keep some things as a surprise; however, we will be announcing a few more speakers and workshops soon!

Here are a few questions that have come up:

1. You have to register per person vs. one person buying two tickets or more. The reason is because our Integrative Wellness Retreats and conferences are health/wellness based vs. a typical "event." You will also be participating more than just "listening."

It's critical that we know who is coming and have appropriate information, proper documents and waivers that pertinent for a healthcare retreat.

If needed, I can also manually register someone with no problem. You are welcome to call or text my cell phone - 240-687-7791 if you need help. Texting before calling may help, because I don't always pick up numbers I do not recognize. Despite being on the do not call list, I several spam calls and texts per day. You can also send me a message or email me ( to let me know that you will be calling and which number you will be calling from.

2. We are adding a 3-day Teens and Young Adults Early Registration option based on requests. Our Teens and Young Adults program is being sponsored by Chronic Connection and a few other exciting people! We will share that exciting news as soon as we are able.

3. I've listed accommodation options, but if you cannot find it or need help, please let me know. There are several types of accommodations available via Air B&B, Bed and Breakfasts in Middleburg, VA, hotels that are a short distance away, and The Salamander itself. Accomodations also are varied in terms of cost. Lots of options, which is great.

List of Alternate Accommodations can be found by going to

4. Sharing rooms at The Salamander Resort or elswjwre - we have several people who are interested in sharing a room at The Salamander Resort.

Specifically, we have a couple who has already registered and is interested in sharing a room with another attendee.

If you are interested in room sharing options with someone who's already registered, please send an email to

While we are more than happy to help coordinate room sharing options, working out the financial details and agreements of sharing a room is the responsibility of each attendee, or those who are sharing accomodations. EDS Wellness is not liable personal or financial issues associated with accomodations before or after the retreat.

5. Each room at the
Salamander Resort & Spa has a small fridge and the food they serve is farm fresh, mostly organic and focuses on whole foods. They also can accommodate various dietary options.

The Salmander Resort is fully handicapped accessible.

6. Other food options such as eating off the resort or buying snacks for your room - there is a Safeway near by and a few smaller restaurants.

7. The resort has two cars that can help take people within a 5 mile radius - for both resort quests and retreat attendees who may not being staying at the Salamander itself.

Rides are first come first serve and you cannot make reservations for rides.

8. Please remember - while we are trying to accommodate as many preferences and sensitivities as possible, we cannot promise the perfect environment for everyone.

All attendees come and participate at their own risk. You are responsible for your health and healthcare, but we are more than willing to help you find ways to do so -which is why we hold Integrative Wellness Retreats!

For other questions, please contact the Salamander Directly, or visit their website

9. Link directly to the retreat schedule and information page -

10. Link directly to registration -

11. Link to our 2017 Integrative Physicians Learning Conference (for those who are healthcare providers or who want to share this ground-breaking retreat with their healthcare providers) -

12. Link to
EDS Wellness' latest Newsletter with Wellapalooza details and other exciting announcements & event updates -

Here are a few more additional, but important details (if you have not read them already):

Our speakers are incredible and some are ones that have never spoken an EDS conference before - ie. Allysa Seely, 2016 Paralympic Gold Medalist with EDS, Mary Shomon: Thyroid Patient Advocate, Author, and Healing Histamine by Yasmina Ykelenstam!

Of course, we also have Dr. Clair Francomano, Dr. Pradeep Chopra, Dr. Lawrence Afrin, Dr. Peter Rowe, Dr. Jyothi Rao of Shakthi Health and Wellness Center, Dr. Christine Hale (EDSer and Aerial Silks Performer) and more!

We think breaks that include 5-10 minute chair massages, or one-on-one "consults" with various Integrative providers and healers, *may* ease the tension from the tension from having to it during the presentations where we sit more than move. At least, that's one of the components of the scheudle that we are working on.

We welcome vendors/partners and sponsors to help make this event possible and to help us support the wonderful speakers who have a agreed to come.

To learn more, go to

We also welcome volunteers to help us run certain aspects of Wellapalooza 2017. If interested, go to

There is an indoor pool and an outdoor spa pool that is heated year-round and is available for those who use the spa.

The Salamander Resort has countless activities to enjoy at the resort and nearby for the whole family. Some may be an additional cost.

Please refer to The Salamander Resort's website for information on activities and other venue-related information -

Last and in case you missed the link above, to read more about our 2017 retreat or to register, go to
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