Leading the Charge: Inclusive Excellence

Welcome to Spring 2019! I hope you enjoyed your break to rest and recharge to finish this academic year strong. One thing I am most excited about is the search for our Vice President of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity, which I hope you followed and made your voices heard.
Inclusivity is important for faculty excellence and that’s why we have our Inclusive Excellence fellows. Dr. S. Kent Butler just celebrated his one-year anniversary with us, and this spring he is continuing to conduct focus groups to identify key themes we can address. We are also excited that Dr. Jennifer Sandoval will be joining us in May, as our second Inclusive Excellence Fellow. I’m excited to get to work with our team leading these important efforts.
As always, we are here for you.

Charge On!

ZORA! Festival is Here
UCF is hosting a series of events and initiatives in honor of the 30th anniversary of Eatonville’s ZORA! Festival and to help celebrate the life of author and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston. The university’s celebration, “The Year of Zora Neale Hurston and the Historic Eatonville Community,” features lectures, art exhibits, a TV pilot and other activities. Faculty members, including visiting professor Simon Dickel, have contributed throughout the year with guest lectures, workshops and readings.

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UCF Alumnus to Lead UCF Downtown Safety

In fall 2019, UCF Downtown will open its 21st-century campus to nearly 8,000 students, faculty and staff in the heart of downtown Orlando. To create an ideal learning and working environment, the UCF Police Department will have a dedicated team of officers to patrol the campus, led by Commander Scott Freeman ’11.

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Working late? Take Knight Ride.
To provide more safety for the UCF community, UCFPD launched a new Knight Ride shuttle program. Knight Ride, previously known as SEPS (Safe Escort Patrol Service), now features a van that will circle campus, making stops at eight locations from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. every night classes are in session, with extended hours around exam periods.

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Dr. Peter Delfyett (center), Trustee Chair, Pegasus Professor of Optics and Photonics, Electrical Engineering and Physics and Director of the Townes Laser Institute, has another accolade to add to his title: 2018 Townsend Harris Medal award winner.
This award is given by the Alumni Association of City College of New York to alumni who have made exemplary contributions to their profession. Delfyett is in good company among Colin Powell (US Secretary of State), Jonas Salk (inventor of the polio vaccine) and Andrew Grove (the founder of Intel) and 10 Nobel Laureates.
Delfyett spent years in industry before bringing his expertise to UCF in fiber optic communications, which is the use of light to develop technology to make the internet work faster. In his time at UCF, he’s developed lasers that can process information at a speed of five trillion bits of information per second. Delfyett compares it to your TV loading one million Netflix channels at once. His success at UCF, and with respect to his award, is the UCF community.
“I owe a lot to being able to work with great students, faculty and staff,” he said. “With a great faculty, students and staff you’re able to accomplish anything. Your only limit is your own imagination.”

Congratulations, Dr. Delfyett! 

Non-Tenure Earning Community Spring Dates

Our Faculty Non-Tenure Earning Communities had a successful semester. The group formed action teams to tackle different projects including clarity on promotion criteria and defining leadership. There is also a Webcourse set-up to keep communication going as the community continues to meet. See our Spring 2019 dates

Spring 2019 Marchioli Award

Each fall and spring semester, one faculty or staff member nominee will be recognized for developing and implementing an innovative program, initiative or project that’s helping our university achieve the priority metrics from the Collective Impact Strategic Plan.

This award was created to recognize and celebrate individual or small team contributions already underway that can be scaled across the institution for greater impact. Awardees will receive $5,000 (either cash or grant) to help them continue their work. Learn more

Eileen Guarino, Assistant Director, Academic Support Services

Before coming to UCF in July 2015, Eileen worked at the USF College of Medicine managing the promotion and tenure process. With almost 17 years of experience in the state university system, she is FE’s assistant director to manage UCF’s promotion and tenure process, awards, sabbaticals and professional development leave. In her spare time, Eileen enjoys all things baseball.
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