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20 December 2021
Carole Easton

End of year message from

Carole Easton, Chief Executive

The last twelve months have been incredibly challenging for so many people and COVID-19 continues to remind us of the stark and unacceptable inequalities that exist in how people age.

At the Centre for Ageing Better we've continued our work to help create a society where everyone can live a good later life.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a wonderful festive break and New Year.

Best wishes,

our top ten resources about ageing this year
In this newsletter you can find a round-up full of our key reports, resources, blogs, events and case studies published across the year.
1. Age-positive image library
This year we launched our age-positive image library, which contains photos showing people aged 50 and over in a positive and realistic way.

The collection now has more than 1,000 photos that are available to download and use for free.
older woman working in a cafe
Download here
2. Good homes for all: A proposal to fix England's housing
The Good Home Inquiry was commissioned by Ageing Better to explore why so many of our homes are non-decent and unsuitable for growing old in.

In September the Inquiry released its final report, which showed that two million houses pose a serious risk to their residents’ health or safety.
Read the report
3. The experience of ageing in 2021
This year we released a short film to accompany our 'Boom and bust?' report about the worsening inequalities faced by people in their 50s and 60s across many key aspects of life – such as health, work, housing and finances.
Watch the film
4. Age-positive icons
In February we released a suite of icons, freely available for public use, as alternatives to the ageist graphics and symbols regularly used across society to represent ageing and older people.
age-positive icon of two people dancing
Download here
5. #AgeingWithPride
To mark Pride Month 2021, we gathered stories from a number of older LGBT+ people to share their perspectives on inequality, community and how attitudes have changed.
claud standing outside and smiling

Why Claud is #AgeingWithPride

"When I came out, my family were all very cool about it. If I could tell my younger self anything it would be that I could have come out sooner – accept yourself sooner.”

Read Claud's story
tony standing outside and smiling

Why Tony is #AgeingWithPride

“Over time, things do get better and improve. Nowadays, I think generally the whole atmosphere for people who are LGBT+ is much better than it used to be.”

Read Tony's story

6. Blog: Why are people living longer?

While life expectancy has increased, there are huge health inequalities in this country that are only set to widen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In this blog Aideen Young, our Evidence Manager, talks about trends in life expectancy and why we must act now to narrow health inequalities.

Read more
7. Living longer: Evidence cards
over the past two years, nearly half a million peeople have had to give up work to care for others
We launched a new set of downloadable 'evidence cards' with key facts and stats about the UK's ageing population.
Download here
8. Good Recruitment for Older Workers (GROW)

More than a third of 50-70 year olds feel at a disadvantage applying for jobs due to their age. 

Our GROW project (which comprised three reports and a guide) sought to understand jobseeking from an older worker's perspective and offer practical steps around how to make recruitment more age-inclusive.

Read more
9. Ageing Better events in 2021
Although COVID-19 prevented us from having many in-person events, we hosted 26 webinars that brought together people and organisations to share knowledge and experience.

Here's a recording of a webinar about the benefits of age-inclusive workforces that we hosted with the OECD.
Watch here
10. UK Network of Age-friendly Communities grows to over 50 members
This year we welcomed 10 new members to the UK Network. The population covered by network member areas grew to 23.5 million, of which 7.3 million are aged 50+.
Find out more
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