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Saint Paul's United Methodist Church Prayer List
January 5, 2021

“persevere in prayer”  Romans 12:12

* New Prayer Requests from this week are highlighted in red, and brief descriptions are given, as available and shared with permission.  Normally, short-term prayer requests stay on our list for a month, unless requested otherwise.
  • Ann Deas - friend of Barbara Jaeger, cancer
  • Liana Joy Ihde - grandchild of Barbara Jaeger's best friend (age 11), has lukemia
  • Sandy Sanders - recovering from surgery
  • Rev. Terry Gregory - Pastor at Woodrun Baptist Church here in Tallahassee, passed away from Covid.  Link to obituary.
  • Olga Martin - her nephew, Jerry Lewis, passed away.
  • Stephanie Corry - her father passed away
  • Justin Echols - friend of Anne Godbold, was in a four-wheeler accident and is in critical condition
  • Lance Giglio - has been in the hospital
  • Rev. Mike Fordham - has Covid, was sick, but doing OK
  • Daniel Gill - David's son, tested positive for Covid.  Reda, his wife, also has it. Improving, getting retested.
  • Tim Ashley - tested positive for Covid.  He is back to work, and his wife Judy did not get it. 
  • Tiffany McNabb's cousin, Jimmy, passed away from Covid on 12/28
  • Joe Helton's mother passed away on 12/24.
  • George and Betty Ploussios - Fotena's godparents. George's pancreatic cancer is back and he is going into palliative care. Betty has dementia and is losing her eyesight
  • Connor Cherry - having surgery on his arm 12/29, it didn't heal properly from when he broke it this past summer.  He had a plate put in and gets the stitches out soon, but will likely take 8 months to heal completely.  
  • Ray and Carol Burnham - Barbara Jaeger's sister and brother-in-law, have Covid, and are home recovering.
  • Bud and Margaret Bowman - Carol Lee's parents.  Bud has Covid and is not doing well.  Her mother tested negative but has dementia. Carol and Dennis are traveling to be with them.
  • Anne Godbold - biopsy at Mayo on 12/28. Tumor was non-cancerous, and team is discerning how to remove.
  • Bruce Harter - admitted to hospital 12/20, UTI, kidney stone, and pneumonia.  Home now recovering.
  • Flo Dickenson - bereavement, ex-husband and father of her kids passed away 12/17 (Link to the obituary for John Daniel Dickenson)
  • Rev. Doug Zipperer - diagnosed with a brain tumor, and will be starting chemo and radiation soon. 
  • Rev Eddie Soto and his wife Marcia - Eddie is currently in the hospital with Covid, and on a ventilator.  Marcia has recovered.  Making tiny improvements.
  • The Alison family - Malena's mom and grandmother are both under hospice care at Harbor Chase and neither are doing well.   
  • Barbara Clampett - Heart cath. surgery 12/17
  • The Keaton family - Helen's brother-in-law (John's brother), Bill, passed away.
  • Beverley Kinloch - had a wire repositioned in her heart and was in the hospital for 6 days.  She is home now recovering.
  • Patty Moxley - friend of Anne Godbold, still has lingering effects from Covid.  Her husband, Rev. Joe Moxley has made a full recovery.  
  • Debra Eggebraaten - her second cataract surgery went well, too - thank you for your prayers.
  • Janel Caine - Doug G’s wife, broke her finger.  She is in a splint now.  Still bent and swollen.  Janel is a flute player.
  • Karen Hahn - broke her ankle (all three bones)
  • Grace & Hubert Barge - former members that moved to Texas, Hubert broke his hip.  Facility he is in has Covid now. 
  • For our church as we continue to search for ways to connect, grow, and serve even while not gathering in person for worship
  • For the formation of a Men's Ministry at Saint Paul's. 
  • For Manna on Meridian, Elder Care, Soul Food, and Project Annie.  Guidance for Soul Food.

LONG TERM: (Updates will be added in red.  If you have an update to share with the prayer group, please let us know by replying to this email, or by submitting a prayer card on Sunday)
  • Betty Blair
  • Ron and Mary Ann Braswell
  • Yvonne & Bob Brownlie - leg infection, and several falls recently
  • Terry and Carol Broadway, and Ann Broadway - Carol fell again.  At home, but she is in pain.
  • Bob Caldwell
  • Louise Carpenter - moved to a Stuart memory care facility. 
  • Charlotte Chellman 
  • Ivy Lee Daniel 
  • Norma DeRuyter - moved to memory care at Canterfield
  • Margaret Dowdy - her legs have been giving her a lot of trouble
  • Daniel Doxsee
  • Madelyn Duggar - Charlotte Keaton's neighbor (16-years-old), paralyzed and doctor's don't know why
  • Virginia Fletcher - She is not doing well.  At Canterfield.
  • Barbara Frett & Adeline Brenning - Malena's Alison's mom and grandmother. 
  • Pat Giglio, in Georgia
  • Oriska Henn & her caregiver Doris - Hospice has been called in, but she continues to improve!
  • Ralph Hook
  • Anne Humphrey - heart valve replacement scheduled 1/25
  • Leroy Irwin
  • Mayra Joiner's dad - for healing, cancer.
  • Bill Jones, recovery
  • Helen Keaton
  • Robert Kennedy
  • Ralph Kenyon
  • Karen Kline - Still having heart trouble. Was in the hospital for a few days in December with pericarditis and stomach ulcers. Still has chest pressure issues.
  • Rev. Bob Laidlaw and his wife, Traci - their home is ready and they are hoping to move any day now!  Bob did have a negative reaction to his chemo recently, so please continue prayers for his health.
  • Nena Martinez’s mother
  • Rev. Jim McWhinnie  
  • Hazel Oliver
  • Ruth Riley
  • Dot Roberts - had her pacemaker replaced.  She fell again recently, nothing broken but she is very sore. 
  • Terry Shoffstall
  • Rev. Ben Spivey
  • Dick & Doris Sublette - Doris fell and broke her hip, and Dick's cancer has been spreading aggressively.  They are both in the same rehab facility, but cannot have visitors.
  • Linda Underwood - Sylvia Walford's friend, diagnosed with ALS.
  • Kristen Ward and family - doctors have given her a treatment plan, and she is feeling encouraged by that. 
  • Ruth Ann Wynn
  • Soisson Church, Haiti, for peace in Haiti
  • Yaguaramas Methodist Church, Cuba
  • Those incarcerated and those returning as citizens, and the people in ministry with them
  • First responders and health care workers

You may also download a PDF version of the list of names, that you can print and pray over.  Just Click Here.  

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