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Saint Paul's United Methodist Church Prayer List
May 21, 2020

“persevere in prayer”  Romans 12:12

* New Prayer Requests from this week are highlighted in red, and brief descriptions are given, as available and shared with permission.  Normally, short-term prayer requests stay on our list for a month, unless requested otherwise.
  • Hazel Oliver - for bereavement: her brother, Ed Matthews, passed away.
  • Belinda McClellan - for bereavement: her mother passed away after a long battle with dementia.
  • Marissa Bruns - 14-year-old granddaughter of David and Donna Bruns, former Centenary Camp directors. Marissa is in the hospital fighting leukemia (recently diagnosed), her mother is with her 24/7 & because if coronavirus is unable to leave.
  • Randall - Sylvia Walford's grandson
  • All of our graduates
  • The family of Abdul Wilson - Simon Webb's nephew who passed away recently
  • Colleen - Lacy Moret's mom, has been very ill, and there have been many deaths at her facility.  Doing better, but still in a lot of pain. 
  • Evelyn Miller - Kimberly Amos-Tata's friend, cancer
  • Kimberly Amos-Tata - Brother-in-law works in a hospital in Jaxsonville, and sister has lung issues.  
  • Manna on Meridian and for all the ministries that are feeding people and those who are hungry.  
  • For those in nursing homes who are unable to have visitors.
  • For those with addictions, unable to attend recovery meetings, and struggling to stay sober. 
  • John Mortonson - Karen Kline's brother, still in hospital, negative for COVID-19. 
  • Jean Boutwell - Sylvia Walford's friend (cancer)
  • Karol Selvaggio's brother - to get better and want to live
  • Debra Eggebraaten - three members of extended family have had strokes, other physical issues.
  • Barbara Frett - Melena's mom, she is back at her facility, but Hospice has been called in.  
  • Sharon Geiger - had eye surgery recently
  • Julie Hatfield's brother's family - COVID-19.  They are all recovering!  Thank you for your prayers!
  • Anna Hatfield - William Hatfield's mother. She is back in rehab but there are no visitors, so family has not seen her in many days. After five surgeries over two months, her spirits and theirs are rattled.
  • For all those who are facing unemployment and reduced income due to the Pandemic, and for the health of the world.  For those at the Kearney Center, and all those without shelter.
  • Nancy Harnage - Bob Harnage's wife, broke both her ankles.  Is on walking casts now.
  • Our church leaders and our church staff, our strategic planning team, and our reopening task force 
  • Our Confirmation Class as they continue to prepare for membership on May 31st. 

LONG TERM: (Updates will be added in red.  If you have an update to share with the prayer group, please let us know by replying to this email, or by submitting a prayer card on Sunday)
  • David Beverly
  • Ron and Mary Ann Braswell
  • Yvonne & Bob Brownlie, Edna Brownlie
  • Betty Blair
  • Terry and Carol Broadway - Carol was in the hospital this weekend, she is back now, thank you for your prayers! 
  • Bob Caldwell - for strength to walk again
  • Charlotte Chellman
  • Ivy Lee Daniel 
  • Norma DeRuyter
  • Daniel Doxsee
  • Virginia Fletcher
  • Pat Giglio, in Georgia
  • Oriska Henn & her caregiver Doris
  • Ralph Hook
  • Leroy Irwin
  • Bill Jones, recovery
  • Helen Keaton
  • Robert Kennedy
  • Ralph Kenyon
  • Rev. Bob Laidlaw
  • Nena Martinez’s mother
  • Hazel Oliver
  • Ruth Riley
  • Dot Roberts
  • Terry Shoffstall
  • Rev. Ben & Betty Spivey
  • Norma & Pam Strickland
  • Dick & Doris Sublette - They are trying to move to Wisconsin to be with their daughter.  Prayers for their condo to sell.  Dick was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Prayers for the treatment to go well.    
  • Melanie Tredik
  • Kristen Ward and family
  • Ruth Ann Wynn
  • Soisson Church, Haiti, for peace in Haiti
  • Yaguaramas Methodist Church, Cuba
  • Those incarcerated and those returning as citizens, and the people in ministry with them

You may also download a PDF version of the list of names, that you can print and pray over.  Just Click Here.  
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Legal (HIPAA) disclaimer: These prayer requests and praise reports may include personal and/or medical information that is subject to – and protected under – HIPAA laws. The medical details, however limited, should not be shared apart from those on our prayer chain, made up of those who share a desire and willingness to pray for and/or minister to these individuals. Prayer requests are received and shared on a ‘good-faith’ basis.
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