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Amity Insight Report: Natural Capital

By Esme van Herwijnen SRI Analyst

Natural capital can be defined as both finite and renewable stocks of natural resources and the services they provide, including land, water and air, as well as habitats, minerals, forests, raw materials and the contributions of ecosystems. Natural capital is everything nature offers for “free”. Bees do not send an invoice for pollinating crops, and forests are mostly valued for the price of timber, rather than taking into account the economic value of all the different ecosystem services they provide such as carbon storage and water filtering. It is certainly a complex exercise to put a value on natural capital, although that value becomes clearer once it becomes scarce.


Why Setting Science Based Targets Matters

By Jessica Lyons Hardcastle,

Corporate sustainability reporting and disclosure to climate organizations like CDP is a must-do for companies — 81 percent of S&P 500 companies published these reports in 2015, up from just 20 percent five years ago.

Some enterprising companies, however, are taking their environmental efforts to the next level and setting science based targets: greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals in line with what scientists say is necessary to keep global warming below the 2-degree threshold.


Even Before The Paris Agreement Takes Effect, Hundreds Of Corporates Are Voluntarily Offsetting Emissions

By Steve Zwick, Ecosystem Marketplace

The Paris Climate Agreement won’t take effect until next year at the earliest, but thousands of companies are already restructuring their businesses to reduce emissions, while hundreds of them are using voluntary carbon offsets to drive emissions down even further. Here’s a look at some of the biggest companies stepping up for the climate and how they do it.



Future of Cities: A New Approach to Urban Space


Buildings are part of our everyday life. From our homes to the places we work in or socialise and entertain ourselves, they shape our cities and the very essence of our activities. In the northern hemisphere, people spend most of their time indoors – in the US it amounts to almost 90% of the time – and almost every business needs some form of physical infrastructure to operate. The impact of the built environment on society and the economy is greater than ever, as we face fast-growing urbanisation. Yet, after decades of stagnation in construction methods, business models and productivity, the industry is on the threshold of a radical and disruptive transformation.

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