with Dr. Clara Young
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Let's Be Different & Outrageous in 2017!
No more same old, same old.
Let's throw out what has never worked like new year resolutions, diets, etc., and bust out and try something new and different to create new possibilities, instead of waiting for the same old things. 
Let's live our way. It's long overdue and it's finally time, because we don't have forever.
No more waiting!



Food Therapy
with Dr. Clara
We are right in the middle of winter with rain, snow, and colds, so here's an easy, versatile, healthy, and delicious snack or side dish to keep you warm, satisfied, and regular! (Hey, this is important).

Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Fries

January 2017  Workshops

Start the brand new year to overcome obstacles holding you back and become healthy, happy, and strong for yourself and those you love.
How To be Happy in 2017!
Saturday, January 21, 2017. 10am-11am

How to Overcome Depression Naturally
Saturday, January 28, 2017. 10am-11am

Individual Psychotherapy
Food & Nutritional Therapy
Weight Loss Therapy

Visit our website for more workshops, information, registration, services, vidoes and more.

Dr. Clara's January Prescription
Help Boost Your Immune System.
With colds and flu floating around, you need to boost your immune system by eating more organic vegetables, fruits, hearty grains, and nuts. At the same time, reduce soda, refined sugar, meat, dairy, and alcohol intake, which can weaken your immune system that is working hard to protect you. Also, don't skip meals. Eat well to keep you strong inside and out. 

Give Yourself Breaks Throughout the Day.
You just survived over a month of holiday season with all the chaos and excitement. So, give yourself breaks throughout the day and breathe, meditate, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, turn off the phone, and just sit and look out. In most states, every employee is entitled to a 15 minute break every 3 hours. This should be for everybody, everywhere, even at home.

Avoid Isolation.
Cold, dark days can bring social isolation causing winter blues. Beat it by surrounding yourself with family, friends, and people you enjoy. Social interaction is a potent remedy to beat any kind of blues. So reach out. Hibernation is for bears.

Don't Forget to be Happy & Have Fun!
You know happiness is my thing. It can be found everywhere in any situation. So, look for the happy in your day and don't forget to laugh and have fun, even for a few minutes. It will give you endorphins and the energy to keep going forward.

Always Laugh & Boogie.
Do One Good Deed a Day
Stop Beating Yourself Up!
Be Kind to Yourself & Others. 
Dr. Clara :)
Laugh Therapy!
Don't forget to laugh at least 5 minutes a day.
Throw your head back, grab your tummy, and let it rip! Because life is often hilarious and insane.

A Really, Really, Low Budget Commercial with a Heart Warming Purpose. Watch!
Happy New Year Everyone!
Remember, we have a fresh new start. So, let's go for it! 

Dr. Clara
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