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Happy World Health Day!
That means it's time to focus on improving our health and making Earth a healthier place so we can survive, thrive & be happy.
Here are some basic tips to improve your health right now and everyday.
  • Drink water (preferably filtered).
    Water is literally life. Drinking about two liters of water (8-9 glasses) can improve your immune system, mood and energy.
  • Take time for yourself.
    Have a "date" with yourself to take a break, relax, hangout, and have fun. Why not buy yourself a small gift? Quality time with yourself can reduce negative energy and be mindful of positive things.
  • Embrace nature always.
    Nature is where we come from and what we are made of, and you don't have to run to the mountains or the beaches (great, if you can) to be with nature. Go outside and soak in some sun (vitamin D), admire the trees, plants, flowers, the sky, your dogs & cats, and literally smell some roses. Plant some herbs or veggies. Buy a bouquet of flowers for someone who loves you. These simple acts will help you clear your mind, boost your energy, and calm you to survive another day.
    Eat healthy.
    There are endless choices to eat healthy these days. Simply, add more veggies and fruits to your meals and reduce meats, fast foods, sodas, and processed food, even for just one meal a day. You'll feel better and lighter, and  you'll be less grouchy. I know.
  • Exercise
    Get moving my friend. Our bodies are design to move. So stand, walk, dance and run, etc. Make sure it's something you enjoy, so you'll stick to it.
    Exercise is the magic pill to help with just about everything from losing weight, depression to Alzheimer's, not to mention looking and feeling younger and living longer. Now, that's magic!
  • Buy organic.
    We need clean air and water to be healthy and happy, but sadly,  they are heavily polluted, mainly due to  agricultural practices. So, buy organic  to minimize pesticides in water, soil, and air, and reduce waste as much as possible.
Here's to Your Health!
Depression is Still the #1 Disorder in the World!
The World Health Organization announced today that depression still plagues every part of our world without discrimination. More than 300 million people are living with depression. That is an increase of more than 18% between 2005-2015. Depression doesn't discriminate, as it affects children, teens to the elderly, and in every ethnic and economical backgrounds. Sadly, more people die from depression than cancer, aids & homicide put together.
Depression is Very Personal to Me.
More than 20 year ago, I was diagnosed with depression and I wanted to kill myself every day. I used to walk into the kitchen and place a knife on my wrist, while everyone was sleeping. I tried antidepressants and I ended up in the emergency room screaming. 10 years later it happened again. I realized then that I had to find an alternative way or I wasn’t going to survive.  More...
Woman in the Underworld
How I Battled Depression and Made Peace with the Monster & Myself.
by Clara Young, Ph.D
How to Deal with Depression

Eat healthy.
Meats and processed foods can cause hormonal & chemical imbalance, which creates lethargy and mood shifts.

Physical activity can help with chemical balance and increase endorphins for positive moods. It doesn't have to be extreme. Take a walk outside.

Avoid isolation. Being alone leads to distorted reality.

Talk therapy.
Talk to a psychotherapist. Regular therapy sessions has proven to be effective in reducing depression symptoms. You can also talk to someone who actively listens and cares.

Talk to your doctor.
To eliminate other potential medical possibilities that shares depression symptoms and treatment options.

Seek alternative therapy.
There are many forms of alternative treatments for depression that are natural, non drug, and effective long term.

Helping someone else shifts the focus on your depression to others, and gives you a sense of self-worth.
You can find more tips from the book, "Woman in the Underworld"
Come to our Depression Workshop to learn more and to help yourself and others.
Remember, there's always hope.
Take Good Care of You!
Until next time...

Dr. Clara :)
The Health & Happiness Center
with dr. clara young
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