Week 7: Shelter-In-Place Updates from Lederle & Russell
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Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night. 1888

Hello Art Nerds!
We are cruising into May and are hoping you are all well and making art! Reminder that the semester is almost complete and we need you all to share your work with us in a timely manner. Engage in artmaking while documenting your journey over the last few weeks. We are here for you now and going forward.

Take every day in stride and May the Fourth be with you!


Which program do Jedi use to make art? Adobe Wan Kenobi 🙃

Calling all artists! If you have a digital copy of a piece of artwork you’d like to showcase, please submit them to us via email! We are collecting work to create a virtual student gallery for the school website! For any work that you submit please include a title, medium, and size of your piece. You can submit multiple art pieces for this show.

Assignments during the CUSD closure:

Synchronous assignments:

#CreativeQuarantine sessions on Instagram live and YouTube videos from the live sessions. 

Mr. Russell’s Instagram is @russelllovesart 

Sessions are from 12-1pm. Theme weeks now until the end of the year!

Mr. Russell’s Youtube channel is

These can be accessed at anytime

Brunch on Wednesdays is from 10:30-11:30am. These are totally optional and have no agenda. We just want to be available for a chat if you feel like hanging out. I'll send out a Zoom link on Tuesday night.

Asynchronous assignments: 

Art 1: New Projects!

  1. Fill a page with an observational value drawing of your shelter in place workspace. You can use landscape or portrait page orientation.

Art nerds! Take pictures of your completed work and upload them to your class folder in Moodle so you will receive credit for your work. It is vital that you show evidence of the work that you are doing over this shelter in place. 

Write up your Artist Statement and share it in a gDoc. Be sure to respond to BOTH PROMPTS.

Selected Works (SW) 40%: Students are required to submit 3 works for Selected Works, reduced from 5. The 3 submissions should be finished works of art that demonstrate the synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas. The works may come from the Sustained Investigation or they may be works made outside of the Sustained Investigation. Selected Works will be submitted and scored digitally, following the same process students will use for Sustained Investigation. Students will not mail or otherwise submit any physical artworks in 2020.

Sustained Investigation (SI) 60%: Students are required to submit 10 images for Sustained Investigation, reduced from 15.The Sustained Investigation is intended to provide students an opportunity to demonstrate their thinking-and-making process when creating works of art and design. The 10 submissions can be a combination of images of process documentation and more finished works of art.

You must include all the written evidence that accompanies each piece and an Artist Statement.

Test date and time: There will be no end-of-year exam in AP Art and Design. The deadline for submission of artworks in the Digital Portfolio is extended to May 26, 11:59 p.m. ET. 

If you choose not to upload to the College Board for portfolio submission, you must submit a Google Slide Presentation that mimics the portfolio format. 10 Sustained Investigation slides and 3 Selected Works that include an artist statement about your process in the creation of your work for the Sustained Investigation. This will be due the week of May 25-29.

This is the current status on the portfolio submission. It may change in the future. We will keep you posted!

Art 2/3: Work on and finish your five to seven piece collection of work that is connected by a common idea or theme. Your work must be visually related and compelling. Submit your collection in a Google Slideshow with titles, mediums used, and sizes of each piece. Provide a brief artist statement describing your conceptual idea behind your pieces and how you worked through the process of creating it. These must be completed no later than Friday, May 15th!

Photo & Graphic Design: 
  • Watch This Video on the artists Carolina Borja and Amy Toscani
  • Now make something of your own!
      • Create something 
      • Have someone else destroy it
      • Share images of the destroyed object and your documentation of the process of destruction
      • Have fun!
      • Did the the knowledge of the future destruction impact your process of creation?
      • What other things do we make knowing they will be destroyed?
      • Do things have to be permanent to be art? Why or why not?

Other Opportunities: 

We are still looking for artwork in support of healthcare workers. 
Instead of the Creative Quarantine folder, Please load this assignment in this CHOMP folder, so we can get the art over to them easily.

@PadreBobChs would love to share your artwork! If you have something you want to share, send them a dm. 

The US Congressional Art Competition will continue, but the processes has changed due to COVID19. We are taking 5 entries submitted as a digital photo and emailed by May 13th. If you want to participate in this very cool competition, please let me know as there's a tiny bit of additional info you need to submit. 

The 2020 Cypress Literary Magazine needs artwork for the cover. Some ideas from students include making the zeroes in "2020" into toilet paper rolls, using caution tape across the title, somehow including the word "QUARANTINE" along with the Title (Cypress Lit Mag: Quarantine Edition). Of course, as the artist, use your own idea if you prefer. Initial sketches due this Wednesday at 5:00 PM to

Carmel High Visual Arts
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