Forageplus Horse Talk Newsletter No. 8: Remembering Dr. Kerry Ridgway; Should I Feed my Horse Beet Pulp; Hoof Abscesses and Poor Hoof Quality.
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Remembering Dr Kerry Ridgway

Dr Kerry Ridgway, an amazing vet with expertise in equine acupuncture, equine ulcers, equine laterality, equine muscles and fascia and treating resulting lameness and unsoundness sadly died at the beginning of January 2016.

This wonderful horseman came to the UK for Forageplus on many occasions to lecture and teach clinics. Each time he amazed us with his skills and knowledge but an attitude still full of open mindedness.

Here we pay tribute to a man who blessed the horse world for many, many years.

If you would like to express your sadness then please leave a message on this Facebook page or email it to so that we can place it there for you.

Our thoughts are with his family and particularly his devoted wife of many years, Christine. 
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Should I feed beet pulp to my horse? 

There seem to be a lot of myths about beet pulp doing the rounds on the forums and Facebook pages and groups.  Strangely there are lots of people who are very anti-beet pulp and that is a shame because it is a great feed for horses.
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Horse Hoof Abscesses & Poor Hoof Quality

There appears to be a direct relationship between the imbalance of minerals in some forages and the occurrence of horse hoof abscesses and or poor hoof quality.  

The usual profile of our UK forage and also much of that throughout Europe is one where a picture of high iron and high manganese blocks the uptake of low copper and low zinc.  Where molybdenum is also high then copper absorption is further compromised.

This profile seems to lead to a high incidence of hoof 
abscesses and if corrected usually leads to an end to the problem.
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