December 11, 2015
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Campus News

Venturing Into Cleaner Air

NYU Shanghai’s  Xiaoyue Gong ’17, Yuting Gong ‘'17, Yu Zhou ‘'17, and Stern’s Andrew Chee '16  won the 2015 NYU Reynolds Changemaker Challenge (CmC) for their ingenious Aeolian Air Butler, a smart air-purifying roving system with potential to change the way the world breathes indoors. The team enjoyed the mentorship of Professor Matthew Belanger and the invaluable coaching from NYU Professor Adam Brandenburger, both of NYU Shanghai.   >> Read more

A Little Magic in the Lobby

Jun Zhang, a member of the Courant Institute and Professor of Physics and Mathematics at NYU Shanghai opened the Institute's holiday celebration with a talk about the ubiquitous presence of an experimental lab, devoted to fluid dynamics, in the lobby of the Courant Institute’s Warren Weaver Hall, home of NYU’s distinguished Mathematics Department. >> Read more

Poetry Voices Many Places

Last weekend, Arthur Solway, Gleb Shulpyakov, and Sawako Nakayasu were the evening’s featured readers at the NYU Shanghai Literary Reading Series, bringing translations and original works of poetry to the podium. "We had three very different poets read very different work that nonetheless intersected in numerous way, for example, the convergence in the art world,” said NYU Shanghai Lecturer and poet David Perry, who hosted and introduced the writers. >> Read more

Engle Chats with Students

Professor Robert Engle, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, led an informal conversation on November 21 with students ranging from the Chinese financial markets to how a bizarre quirk of fate led him, a physics major, to pursue a PhD in economics. Engle was at NYU Shanghai to deliver the keynote speech at a conference hosted by the Volatility Institute. >> Read more

Capturing Walls and Bridges

December 8, 2015 - Tuesday evening,  Prof. Anjuli Pandavar hosted the Semester Show for the EAP Cities and Urban Consciousness class, featuring videos her students produced. A panel of judges (Bon Wen, Madeleine Dupre and Tommy Bruce), gathered for the occasion, selected the winners for "Best Wall Video” and the "Best Bridges Video”.  Later in the evening, Pandavar awarded prizes and Certificates for Best Teamwork, Bravest Student, and for Best Semester Review.


Becoming a Reader

At last week's Faculty Lunch Seminar Series, Einat Natalie Palkovich talked about children's literature and cognitive aesthetics. The following exchange grew out of that presentation.
What is your particular area of interest and what attracts you to it?
 My PhD is in English Literature, specializing in Children’s literature, however, I apply cognitive literary theory to texts - specifically cognitive aesthetics. This is a reader response or reader reception theory, which thinks of meaning-making during the reading event as a sort of feedback loop that runs between the reader, the author, and the text. What I love about this field generally is that it is able to combine science and literature without losing the integrity of what I consider to be the experience of reading. Its application to children’s literature is practically unheard of, but I feel this is a missed opportunity for this field to advance and diversify. >> Read more  

In the Media

In Any Field, Innovation Is Leadership

Wenhui News published a piece by Jeff Lehman about taking initiative in developing innovation in higher education, with Shanghai as a model city for a burgeoning innovation hub. >>  Read the article

Marketing Entering "a sharing +" Era

In this piece, Yuxin Chen, NYU Shanghai Dean of Business shares his perspectives on marketing concepts. >> Read the article

The Social Work Void

In an article published in INSIGHT, Wen-Jut Han, NYU Professor at the Silver School of Social Work and Co-Director of the New York University-East China Normal University Institute for Social Development at NYU Shanghai, sheds light on China’s initiative to train and hire 2 million work workers by 2020. INSIGHT is the magazine of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. >> Read the article

China Can Cope With Economic Risks published an interview with NYU Prof. Robert Engle, as the director of NYU Volatility Institute on how to respond to China financial crisis. >> Read the article

第21届中国日报社“21世纪·可口可乐杯”全国英语演讲比赛 上海赛区决赛圆满落幕

Local media coverage of the “21st Century Coca-Cola Cup” National English Speaking Competition Shanghai Final", held at NYU Shanghai on Dec 5th. Mengzhu Chen '18, won a first prize and the opportunity to compete in the National Final. >> Read the article

In Focus

Winter Concert

On December 4th NYU Shanghai Held its first annual Winter Concert. The NYU Shanghai Jazz Ensemble, SPSM music club, XLS dance club, Other Octaves and others joined in to perform in this festive event. 


Probability Seminar 
Random Triangulations, Dual Trees and Fractal Dimensions
Henning Sulzbach, McGill University  
Dec.15,11:30AM-13:00 ~ AB Room 613   (
more info)

Research Institutes Events

Computational Chemistry Bi-Weekly Seminar
The Combination of Multiscale Simulation Methods and Its Applications on Solar Cell Materials and Nanomaterials
Youyong Li, Inst. Functional Nano & Soft Materials, Soochow U.
Dec.16, 13:30-15:00 ~ GEO Room 264

Campus Wire

On Tuesday, at a PCI pop-up talk, Global strategist, professor, author and speaker Pankaj Ghemawat explored the question of how Chinese companies fare when they go head-to-head with multinationals from advanced economies.

Apartment Style living, in Tower 3, is now available. Students can apply for the Spring 2016 Semester. Availability is limited and applications must be in by Wednesday, Dec. 16th to be considered. 

Works Faculty Recommend

The Woman Who Discovered Printing (Yale Press)

Professor Francesca  Tarocco: “Written in beautiful prose, this important book is about Wu Zetian (625-705 CE), the only woman to rule as emperor of China. It brings readers to the historical context of seventh-century China and the revolution in printing that occurred during Wu's rule. >> Read more

Quote of the Week

Azure Zheng '19: "Language is like a magic stick"

Even though we express our respect in different ways, we all share the same kind of care and concern for life. Language itself is like a magic stick that helps you find the shared ground in human nature deep inside those differences. When you do so, you will never be cut off. And I am now trying to practice this magic because I believe that once I realize this kind of connection I will never be lonely again.

Photo of the Week

Lens of the City

This image by 辛颖 Xin Yin '18, entitled "A Rainy Night", is featured in “the Image and Imaginations” exhibition showcasing works by the students of the Introduction to Photography class. >> See more of the works on show.