September 18th, 2015

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The Center For Global Asia Is Launched With Lecture By Prasenjit Duara 杜赞奇 

September 17 - Provost Joanna Waley-Cohen announced, Thursday night, the launch of the new Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai, on the occasion of the center’s inaugural lecture by noted historian, Prasenjit Duara.
Under the founding directorship of Prof. Tansen Sen, the new center will serve as the hub within the NYU Global Network University system to promote the study of Asian interactions, both historical and contemporary. The overall objective of the Center is to provide global societies with information on the contexts for the reemerging connections between the various parts of Asia through research and teaching. 
In his lecture, Prof. Duara discussed a viable foundation for sustainability that might be found in the traditions of Asia, which offer different ways of understanding the relationship between the personal, ecological and universal. 

A novel way to measure a kilogram?

Because of the difficulty in measuring absolute mass, the kilogram is the last physical constant that is still defined in terms of a material prototype. In this case, it is a block of an Iridium-Platinum alloy cast in 1875 and stored ever since in France (see photo above). This may all be about to change as research by NYU Shanghai prof. Tim Byrnes may lead to a redefinition of the kilogram by measuring the mass of atoms extremely precisely ... Click for more

Joanna Waley-Cohen Honored with Shanghai's Silver Magnolia

September 8 - The Shanghai Municipal Government presented the silver Magnolia award to Provost Joanna Waley-Cohen, Julius Silver Professor of History, for her outstanding contributions to the city. Following the ceremony, Waley-Cohen said, "I am truly honored to have received a Silver Magnolia award, which signals recognition of NYU Shanghai's role in the life of the city of Shanghai. Click here for more.

Jian-Jun Zhang's Solo, China Chapter Series, Opens in Berlin

September 12 - Jian-Jun Zhang has opened a new solo show, China Chapter Series, that will be on view until October 10th at the Galerie Albrecht, in Berlin, Germany. Using reconstructed artifacts, Zhang’s basic motif of a traditional style Chinese jar is cast in the contemporary material of silicone rubber, with deliberate appendages and warping as signals for current intervention.

In the Media

China Radio International Live on Campus 

September 16, 2015--  China Radio International hosted on campus a youth dialogue between Chinese and American college students, under the theme of "how much do we know about each other?”  Six students from NYU Shanghai and two from Fudan University talked about life on and off campus, as well as about their cultures and countries. They also took questions from both the audience and online viewers.   Dylan Crow, Kadallah Burrowes, Zoe Jordan, Elizabeth Leclaire, Lingyi Liu and Weilun Zhang "Benny” ably represented NYU Shanghai.


Scheen Authors Book on Shanghai

September 2  – This summer, NYU Shanghai Assistant Professor Lena Scheen published  Shanghai Literary Imaginings: A City in Transformation (Amsterdam University Press).  Based on years of fieldwork in Shanghai and a dozen  interviews with Shanghai writers, the book analyzes the city's transformation through the eyes of local writers.       
“I became fascinated by the scale and speed of Shanghai’s urban transformation since the early 1990s,” Scheen explains. “How do people deal with the fact that their physical surroundings are changing so fast, without having any control over it? By looking at fiction written by Shanghainese authors living in the city during its transformation, stories that have the city as their main setting, I hoped to gain a better understanding of the mental impact of such disruptive change.”
Scheen is working on her next book about the history of Pudong.

Works Faculty Recommend

"Dreaming in Chinese"

In recommending  Deborah Fallows' book, Prof. Keith Ross, Dean of Engineering and Computer Science, says it is, "Fascinating, poetic and so funny. a must read for everyone at NYU Shanghai!"

Events   (view calendar)


Fall Entrepreneurship 
Speaker Series #1

Elyse Ribbons, Geili Giving, Founder & CEO
William Bao Bean, Chinaccelerator, Man. Dir.
Introduction by Prof. Keith Ross

17:00 - 19:00 ~ Room 101   


Kafka, China and Jews
Speaker: Mark Gelber
Introduction by Prof. Arina Rotaru

17:30 - 18:30 ~ Room 102   


The Black Cat That Isn't
Speaker: Rajiv Joseph
Introduction by Prof. Amy Becker

17:30 - 18:30 ~ Room 101


Essential Contributions
of Frontopolar Cortex
to Primate Cognition

Speaker:Mark Buckley, Oxford University

12:00 – 13:30 ~ Room 264, Geography Building (full details)

Campus Wire

Also on next week's Event Calendar, Stanford's Roujun Huang will talk about Transience in Growing Subgraphs via Evolving Sets on Sept. 22 at 10:30 in Room 613 at the Pudong campus ... Our very own Huyuan Chen, NYU Shanghai, will speak about Classification of Singularities of Positive Solutions for Semilinear Elliptic Equations,  on Sept. 24th at 1pm in Room 357 in the Geography Building ... Laurent Mertz, NYU Shanghai and University of Nice Sophia Antipolis,  will talk on Stochastic Variational Inequalities and Applications to Engineering Mechanics, also on Sept. 24th in Room 357 ... Thursday night, the Program on Creativity + Innovation organized, in collaboration with the Career Development Center, a workshop, Resume +Identity, to guide students to think beyond the traditional resume, to a compelling, competitive identity ... "Have you heard of the Library's Workshop series, "Prix Fixe or À La Carte?" Check out the menu!  .... Interested in working with student interest groups outside the classroom? Click here to learn more about the 33 student clubs ...To the 14 NYU Shanghai staffers who were selected to take ALI classes to improve their english skills ... Bravo!  ... And Casey Ward has been promoted to Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs!

Photo of the Week

NYU Shanghai Reality Show 2015!

September 11th - The 2015 NYU Shanghai Reality Show, at the Shanghai Symphony Hall. The hour-long musical performance was produced, directed and performed by members of the Class of 2018 (Photo by Dylan J. Crow).

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