Friday, March 4th, 2016
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Campus News

Andrew Hamilton on Campus for Candidate Weekend

In town for NYU Shanghai’s Candidate Weekend, NYU’s 16th President Andrew Hamilton also sat down with faculty and students. On Monday evening, With Jennie Hamilton, he joined over 400 NYU alumni, parents and friends for an evening of celebration. Before departing on Tuesday for NYU Abu Dhabi, Hamilton sat down with local media (see coverage). During the alumni event, Hamilton noted, “NYU has realized what all of you in the city of Shanghai have known for a long time--that to succeed in the world, in the 21st century, you must have an open outlook; you must be familiar with cultures other than your own.”

BOCO Donates $1 Million to Fuel Research

Sunday, February 28 - Provost Joanna Waley-Cohen joined by a team of faculty, greeted Dr. Wei Deng, founder of Bright Oceans Corporations (BOCO) and a valued friend of NYU Shanghai. His company recently made a generous $1 million donation to the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation. >> Read more

Buddi and Stack Win at HackNYU

Friday, February 19 - After 48 hours of building and competition at HackNYU, two IMA teams won with innovative projects that aim to make life a little easier for those with special needs. >> Read more  

Guzheng in the Afternoon

Tuesday, March 1 - The 2nd floor cafe never sounded better than Tuesday afternoon when Student Life’s FYI (Find Yourself In & For Your Information) program introduced three student musicians who have mastered playing the guzheng (古筝)-- a 21-stringed traditional Chinese instrument with over 2,500 years of history.  >> Read more


"It was an open game with math and physics as the rules."

NYU Shanghai Hyperloop team recently returned from presenting in SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend competition hosted by Texas A&M University. The team's captain, Michael James Lukiman '17, had a lot to say about the experience.
Tell us about your team’s mission.
The mission was to design a capsule for high speed transportation. Think of a space capsule hurtling through a tunnel. Because of low drag and minimal friction, the velocity can be much greater. We had to engineer something that performs well at high speed and has redundant safety mechanisms. At all times, we had to think about the commercial viability of our project -- and all this in a very limited development time. There was no instruction manual. In other words, it was an open game with math and physics as the rules.That was really cool. >> Read more

In the Media

Hamilton Media Event Coverage

Tuesday's well-attended press conference has generated coverage of Andrew Hamilton's first visit to NYU Shanghai as president of NYU. Read initial coverage in The Paper, Shanghai First EducationShanghai Education NewsPudong Times and the Shanghai Youth Daily

Faculty Speaker Series in the Press

Pudong media covered Prof. Lena Scheen's talk to a packed audience at the Pudoong Library about her work drew media coverage. See television report and read article in Pudong Times.  >> read more

Yu Lizhong in the Bay Area

sf. reports on Chancellor Yu’s upcoming speech at Sofia University, where he will talk about higher education cooperation and global education. >> Read Article

Hopes voiced for next five years

China Daily interviewed academics, diplomats and business executives operating in China to hear their opinions, ideas and predictions. See how Vice Chancellor Jeff Lehman addresses these questions. >> Read more

In Focus

It Takes a Gene to Turn a Juvenile Into an Adult

Professor David Fitch and his lab just published, in the journal Development, an paper on the discovery of a new gene that helps to regulate the timing of the "juvenile-to-adult transition". >> Read more



Glocalizing Medicine in Late Qing China
Angela Leung
17:30 - 18:30 ~ AB Room 1505


A Sustainable Financial Sector
Olaf Weber
17:00 - 18:00 ~ AB Room 1505


Literary Reading Series at NYU Shanghai
Jess Row
18:00 - 19:00 ~ AB Room 1505


Gallery Opening and Reception
Song Dong | A Flourishing Void
16:30 - 18:30 pm ~ Art Gallery       Please RSVP


Assistive Technology Development Workshop
A 2-day collaboration of NYU and NYU Shanghai
All day Saturday and Sunday  ~ Auditorium and IMA Space   

Math Probability Seminar


Oil and Water: a two-type internal aggregation model
Elisabetta Candellero, University of Warwick
11:00 -12:00 ~ GEO Room 264        (more)

Campus Wire

  • Make your mark on the NYU Shanghai community as an RA. Apply here: 2016-2017 Resident Assistant Application and check out the Resident Assistant Job Description. The deadline to apply is  9am on March 9.
  • Congratulations to the NYU Shanghai student team of Xiaoyue Gong, Andrew Chee, Yuting Gong and Yu Zhou, for being selected for the NYU Prototyping Fund!
  • Bravo to Aly Rose’s dance class unveiling their secret, one month accomplishment of celebrating jazz and hip-pop. Watch this performance clip and experience how NYU Shanghai’s dance class brings art and soul to this concrete and steel building.

Works Faculty Recommend

Prof. Paul Melliès recommends Georges Méliès’ “A Trip to the Moon”

Did you know that the first people who ever walked on the Moon were French? The space rocket was launched from Montreuil, a small city adjacent to Paris, more than one hundred years ago. This was an impressive technological achievement. Transistors were not yet invented, and there was no embedded computer to guide the rocket. Believe it or not, the ballistics were done with so much precision that the rocket ended up right in the Moon’s eye! Half-magician, half-engineer, Georges Méliès designed the mission as well as the special effects which made it possible. He was a true visionary and a precursor of his time. If you are an adventurous mind, you are welcome to experience the original "Trip to the Moon," directed in 1902, which you will find in its hand-coloured version, here.  The film is only 15 minutes, so please, do not miss the psychedelic sequence with the giant mushroom!”  >> Read more

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Veni, Vidi, Da Vinci