January 29th, 2016
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Campus News

This Weekend: Going High Speed With 上海perloop

This weekend, a team of NYU Shanghai freshmen, sophomores and juniors will compete in the SpaceX Hyperloop Student Competition and show off their上海perloop (shang-hai-per-loop) design, at the Design Weekend taking place at Texas A&M University, Their top-level capsule design for a hyperloop -- a near-vacuum tube that would allow high-speed transportation, earned them an end-of-year invitation.   >> Read the earlier post


Lena Scheen: Shanghai Stories

At a recent Faculty Lunch Speaker Series, Lena Scheen, whose research explores the social and cultural impact of China’s fast urbanization, talked about stumbling on a Pudong construction site that used to be where a 500-year-old temple stood. Fascinated by a group of elderly visitors who frequently pray and burn incense in front of the construction site, Scheen looked into what was taking place.  She shared with us some of the findings of her research on the “temple that was":
It seems like a lot of your work revolves around storytelling.
Stories are the source of my research. I am interested in the impact of Shanghai’s fast urbanization on both the individual and on society at large. I look at how the changing city is imagined in stories--how these imaginings express the mental and social impact of the recent transformation. In fact, I just published a new book on contemporary Shanghai literature called Shanghai Literary Imaginings: A City in Transformation. >> Read more 

In the Media

不是“中国又多了一所大学” 而是要打造高教“试验田”
NYU Shanghai, a testing ground for higher education in China

Shanghai Youth Daily interviewed Chancellor Yu about NYU Shanghai and its promise for Higher Education in China.  >> Read more

Steven Lehrer - Co-editor of a top 100 political book in 2015

The Queen's Gazette reports on the attention received by the book, Thinking Outside the Box, co-edited by Steven F. Lehrer (McGill-Queen’s University Press) >>Read more

In Focus

A New Way to Screen for Cancer Drugs 

The search for a cure to cancer encompasses many efforts, including the development of new investigative tools.  NYU Shanghai Professor of Biology Jungseog Kang is among several authors who have found a means of identifying lead compounds across multiple drug classes at a single-pass screen, according to a recent article in Nature Biotechnology.  >> Read more



Talk: New Urgency of "Sustainability"
Michael Maniates (Yale-NUS College)
17:30 - 18:30 ~ AB Room 1505  (more


 Talk and Performance: Guqin Coming to Campus
 Dai Xiaolian (Shanghai Conservatory of Music) 
19:00 - 20:00 ~ AB Auditorium   (more)

Research Meetings


Probability Seminar Series: Stability of Poisson Rain Queues
Thomas Mountford (Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Lausanne)
11:00 - 13:00; AB Room 613   (more)

Campus Wire

  • Welcome to new faces:  Xiaojing Zu 祖晓静 has joined the Library as Associate Director for Access and User Services ... along with Qinghua Xu 徐庆华 who is our new Reference and Research Services Librarian ... Charlotte San Juan brings her english writing skills to Public Affairs as an Associate ... and Yuting CHEN, 陈瑜婷 is the new Director of Research Partnership in the Office of Research.
  • Around Town: Barbara Edelstein - whose solo exhibitLeaf in the Light, opened at the Ruth Bachofner Gallery in LA on January 16th - talked about her work at a well attended Monthly Artist Talk hosted by Julie Chun, of the Royal Asiatic Society China, at the Shanghai American Center.
  • It is that time of the year to try out for the men’s basketball, women’s and men’s soccer, women’s volleyball and coed tennis ... Also have fun staying fit with intermediate hip-hop, urban dance, zumba, Chinese Tai Chi, yoga ... or hit the Fitness Center after class. Learn more and sign up on Orgsync.
  • And last but not least ... A special thanks to Residential Life, Facilities and Public Safety for getting us through the freeze, warm and safe! 

Works Faculty Recommend

"Gitanjali renders Tagore with beauty and precision"

For some of the best translations of Rabindranath Tagore's poetry,  NYU Shanghai Professor of History Tansen Sen recommends Gitanjali. This translation, by one of the leading scholars and translators of Tagore’s works, William Radice,  renders with beauty and precision the poetic rhythm and intensity of the original Bengali text. These ‘revelations of ‘true self’ are a collection of poems and songs that explore love, faith, nature, and tender evocations of childhood. "The translation and rendition of Tagore’s work has quite a history in China, and this history is not without its controversies,” writes Sen in a blog for The Times of India, about novelist Feng Tang’s translation of the Nobel Laureate’s Stray Birds (Feiniao ji, lit. “Flying Birds Collection”).

Quote of the Week

"...everyone is a book that deserves to be read"

In her wishes to the NYU Shanghai community (video) for a happy new year, sophomore Yuhan "Joanna" Qian reminds us that stories do not only belong to famous people: "Everyone has a story to tell and everyone is a book that deserves to be read."  Joanna is working on a project focusing on the stories of ordinary people. 


Welcome Back Party!

In the spirit of Chinese New Year, students caught up with friends after winter break at the Welcome Back party, celebrating with traditional red envelopes packed with sweet goodies, and challenging each other with a creative basketball-hoop dragon’s head game.