October 23, 2015
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New Evidence for Short Term Memory Theory

In an example of innovative scholarship, featured in this month Journal of Neuron, Chuck Kopec (Princeton University), Jeffrey Erlich (NYU Shanghai), and colleagues, took advantage of a new tool, developed by co-author Karl Deisseroth (Stanford University) called optogenetics to provide the first direct causal evidence of an important theory of memory, known as "attractor dynamics". Read more

Town Hall Meeting Webcast China US Relations

Monday, October 19 – The China Town Hall, a series of webcasts serving to raise awareness and understanding of the modern Sino-American relationships, was hosted on campus by Prof. Pierre Landry, NYU Shanghai’s Director of Global China Studies. The event featured Kenneth Jarrett, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, who made remarks following the webcast and took questions from the audience.
Mr. Jarrett, who served previously as US Consul General in Shanghai highlighted Mayor Day's comments about the positive value of people to people relations in any effort to attract Chinese investment in the United States. He also spoke at length about economics and trade, noting that tourism and student exchange are key factors in cross-cultural understanding. Reminding his audience that "all politics is local", he talked about the impact of domestic perceptions on policy making in both countries; and, concluded that, given the history of relations between China and the United States, the fundamentals look good.
The hour-long panel webcast was moderated by Stephen Orlins, President of the National Committee on United States-China Relations, and an early investor in China. His guests included Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, Mayor Sheldon Day of the City of Thomasville in Alabama, and Daniel Rosen, a founding partner of the Rhodium Group.

IMA Info Session: a Success

October 20, 2015 - Professor Matthew Belanger, led an informational session about IMA, its course offerings and the professional opportunities that lie ahead for its future graduates. After three years, the popular major has 42 declared majors and approximately 250 registered students this semester.
Current IMA students gave great reviews about the major and its openness to creative thinking and innovation. “I view the IMA major as something that enables me to have access to a professional and helpful faculty, and an open and friendly working space. These two things combined with the skills I learn in my IMA classes help facilitate my creative process...” said David Santiago, a Junior. 

ITS Introduces New WeChat Service on Campus

Scan the QR Code and discover ITS' new WeChat service for the NYU Shanghai community.  Already, community members can check local weather reports and submit incident reports and requests to ITS, and look up printing balances. Within a couple of weeks, you will be able to find useful taxi cards to get around town, look up the shuttle bus schedule and read the NYU Shanghai Gazette on WeChat as well.  ITS also plans to roll out additional resources, such as Policy and Guideline Search and the IT Handbook and Knowledge Base. 

In the News

A China Scholar Working in China 

IIAS' "The Newsletter" published this week a piece by Prof. Lena Scheen about her experiences in China and teaching at NYU Shanghai.  Read more 

Noted American University in Shanghai

Qilu Weekly, in Shandong Province, picked up on the Renmin article about NYU Shanghai and published its piece following President Xi Jiping's Seattle remarks on cooperation in education and training. Read more 


A Communications Expert’s Journey into the Deep Web

At last week’s NYU Shanghai Faculty Lunch Seminar Series, Visiting Professor Gabriel Weimann discussed his recent book, “Terrorism in Cyberspace, The Next Generation”. The following exchange grew out of that presentation.
What areas of communication are you studying? 
As a student and later as a professor, I was interested in persuasive communication in general and in political campaigns in particular. I followed American political campaigns, focusing on various aspects including political rhetoric, media events, persuasion techniques and so on. I was even invited to follow the American presidential campaigns as a Fulbright Scholar. Read more


In Focus

Workshop, synchronized cells and much more

Prof. Eitan Zemel shares with administrators techniques
for making work at NYU Shanghai more effective and satisfying



Art Gallery Opening  
Ode to Dancing Ink

Qin Feng

16:30 - 18:30  ~ AB Art Gallery


Secret Money
Prof. Ingo Walter, NYU Stern

17:30 - 18:30  ~ AB Room 102


Workshop on Mining Social Networks
Dean Keith Ross and colleagues from Fudan, HKUST, UC Santa Barbara, ECNU, Shanghai Jiao Tong U. and Nan Kai U.

08:15 - 16:00 ~ AB Room 101


Is Life a Game?
Prof. Adam Bradenberger

17:30 - 18:30  ~ AB Room 102


Robots and Humans in Space
Roger Launius, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Introduction by Prof. Alexander Gepperts

17:30 - 19:00 ~ AB Room 102

Campus Wire

…Just a reminder…if you are attending the Art Gallery opening featuring the works of Qin Feng, there will be buses available from JinQiao at 4pm on Sunday … This week, PCI’s Adam Brandenburger and Christian Grewell hosted Yiying Lu, Shanghai-born graphic design artist and creator of the iconic Twitter Fail Whale… Drop by to see original, signed prints of some of Yiying’s work on view next week in the PCI LiveLab (room 900) … Need to relax?  Take a look at some of the options available …. In the new decorated Room 605, Cheline Wang will take you on a relaxing journey to sooth your stress and pressure (Students: M, T, Th 16:15 - 17:00) … join Wang Taiyuan (Tuesday 10/27 at 12:30 PM-1:30 PM in AB Room 102) to find out more about the history and techniques of the rhythmic and meditative martial art, Tai Chi … or learn about the ancient games Chinese used to play, in AB Room 311, next Thursday at 16:45 ... Get your dance moves on with Hip-Hop (beginners and advanced) and Zumba classes! Learn more  ... The SHKP vertical charity run supporting the Shanghai Children's Health Foundation is happening at Shanghai IFC (the SECOND TALLEST building in Shanghai) on Sunday, Oct. 25! Don't miss the opportunity to get involved as a volunteer  ... Sign up and follow the routes suggested by the columnist and historian Michelle Qiao to have a unique architecture tour on the Bund  ... Are you currently studying away in Shanghai? Do you have photos that reveal your experience and the culture in which they were taken? Submit your pictures for a chance to be featured at the upcoming World Tour Photo Gallery this November! Learn more

Photo of the Week

NYU Alumnae Active in Shanghai's Museum Scene

October 23, 2015 - NYU Alumni Betty Liu (Steinhardt ’14) and Ara Qiu (Tisch ’14), from Long Museum, spoke to the students about the emergence of private museums, as China prospered following the economic reforms of 1978. The speakers talked about the trend and the sustainability of these new private museums in the long run.