Friday, February 26th, 2016
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Campus News

Humans Storytelling Goes Mobile the World Around!

Digital street portraiture? There is an app for that, thanks to enterprising undergraduates at NYU Shanghai.  Inspired by Humans of New York (a blog gone viral on Facebook and Instagram), Musa Malik, a neuroscience major, teamed up with computer science major Alexandru Grigoras and computer science professor Keith Ross, to create a new mobile app called humans-- the first global album of digital street portraiture.  >> Read more

Confucianism Makes a Comeback

Over sixty attendees gathered at NYU Shanghai to hear Fudan University’s Professor of Chinese Philosophy, Bai Tongdong, speak on Confucianism in the modern world. Tongdong also heads of one of the several Masters programs taught in English at Fudan University. A Confucian scholar, Tongdong is particularly interested in it as a political philosophy and argues for its practice in today’s world. >> Read more 

Pryor: "Meaning" & "Reknown"

February 19 - Artist and professor Gerald Pryor, head of NYU’s Photography Program, brought NYU Shanghai up close and personal with his life work and artistic process at a talk, entitled Meaning, introduced by Jian Jun Zhang. He also spoke at the pop-up exhibition in the Art Gallery, Reknown, which featured a few of his works and those of his students representing crossovers between individualism in America and collectivism in China. Interested in the idea of the “Orient", Pryor came to China, decades ago, with the Chinese Cultural Association. >> Read more

In the Media

Profile: Clay Shirky on Social Media

In First Reads,  Xu Zhiyuan interviews Clay Shirky about the "light and dark" side of social media, about his work and much more. >> Read more

In Focus

The Rhodes Scholarship China Program

On Thursday, Chancellor Yu Lizhong welcomed Tang Meijie, the director of the Rhodes Scholarship China program, at an event organized by Anna Kendrick, Director of Global Awards, to introduce the program to students and administrators gathered for the occasion. Tang Meijie,  the founder and CEO of Beijing Zhigen Education Technology Co. Ltd., noted, “We are looking for excellence...NYU Shanghai is a perfect match.”  >> Read more 



Regime, Nation, and Regional Disorder in the Arab World
Ellen Lust
16:30 - 17:30 ~ AB  Room 1505


Constructing "Poetic Knowledge" in Ancient Greece and Early China
Zhang Wei
17:30 - 18:30  ~ AB Room 1504


Workshop: Big Data and Social Research in China
Check times and locations for 2-day meeting here

Neuroscience Colloquium


Consumer Neuroscience: Moving Beyond Hype
Vinod Venkatraman, Temple University
16:30 -18:00 ~ AB Room 1504 (more)

Campus Wire

  • “Where are the women in our talent pipeline? What skills are we helping women build?” These are some challenging questions AmCham Shanghai’s HeForShe conference brought up on Wednesday at NYU Shanghai, where different industry leaders came together for a conversation about advancing women leadership. The conference, which Christian Grewell and his colleagues helped to bring to campus, is a part of AmCham Shanghai’s effort to support the UN Women’s Movement for Gender Equality, HeForShe. Find out more at
  • Mark your calendars! NYU Shanghai’s very first Fusion Music Festival is coming soon! Everyone is welcome on March 26, Saturday, from 13:00-21:30.
  • The results are in! Congratulations, Killian Hauser and Nofar Bupr Hamrany for winning the Campus Store Design Competition. Check out the winning designs here.
  • Dear busy bees, come join the Health & Wellness' Butterfly Sanctuary relaxation workshop for a boost of energy to power through the cold (and midterms!)--February 29 and March 2 & 3, from 4:15-5:00 pm in room 605.
  • On Monday, please welcome, with big smiles, the NYU Media Production’s film crew--they will be on campus to catch NYU Shanghai vibes!

Works to Read, See or Experience

Qian Lin: "Dunhuang: Song of Living Beings"

Lin Qian, Curator of NYU Shanghai Gallery recommends, "As a fascinating part of Chinese history and culture, the Dunhuang caves were created along the Silk Road from the 4th to 14th century AD. Countless artists, artisans and monks worked for a millennium to create a shrine of Buddhist art treasures as an act of Pilgrimage. I encourage you all not to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view an impressive collection and a dialogue with works by contemporary artists".

Thanks to a special arrangement between the NYU Shanghai Art Gallery and Shanghai Himalayas Museum, all members of the NYUSH community are offered free admission to "Dunhuang: Song of Living Beings". The free admission (school ID required) includes docent-led tours of the show in Chinese on the hour from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm and an additional tour at 10:30 am daily.  Tours in 6 other languages are available with a fee and need reservation in advance (021-50339801-2032).


Photo of the Week

Lantern Festival: A Bite of Tangyuan

The Lantern Festival celebrates the rise of the first full moon of the Lunar New Year. Festivities include making glutinous rice desserts and handcrafts. (Photo by: Wenqian Hu)