November 6th, 2015
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PCI's 1st Pop-up Class in the LiveLab

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Kristen Sosulski, professor at the NYU Stern School of Business, led the first pop-up class in the NYU Shanghai Program on Creativity and Innovation.  Teaching in the new LiveLab (Room 900), Professor Sosulski took a group of 20 or so students through some of the fundamentals of data visualization...  Read more  

First Annual “Lighting the Way” Scholarship Gala

On the evening of November 2, 2015, the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation hosted its First Annual “Lighting the Way” Scholarship Gala on the 15th floor colloquium of NYU Shanghai. The Gala brought together 78 scholarship recipients and 14 donors for an evening of conversation, dinner, and entertainment. Wine glasses designed by students Sandra Kohn and Jingyi Sun for the NYU Shanghai Gift Design Competition were presented to donors at the Gala ... Read more 

Brain Science Needs Its Own Newton

At the 2015 Pujiang Innovation Forum, NYU Shanghai Prof. Xiaojing Wang, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and renowned theoretical and computational neuroscientist, gave a keynote speech (reported in Jiefang Daily) provocatively entitled “Theoretical Neuroscience: Brain Science needs its own Newton”... Read more


Keith Ross on Data Driven Privacy Research

So how easy is it to collect and put together a profile of someone using existing data online?
Today, data brokerage is a multi-billion industry that is all about creating profiles of people and selling them to marketers, banks (for making loans), development offices in universities, people profile search companies and so on ... Read more

In the News

Chinese Phone Maker Xiaomi Rode Viral Marketing to the Top

YAHOO! news ran a story about NYU Shanghai Professor Clay Shirky and the recent release of his new book, Little Rice: Smartphones, Xiaomi, and the Chinese Dream.

In Focus

Lixian Cui: On Child Aggression and Sensation Seeking, Risk Taking & Moral Reasoning

Child aggressive behaviors take many different forms. Reactive and proactive aggression are two forms among many. Reactive aggression usually happens when one is provoked and emotional, thus react in an aggressive way. Proactive aggression happens when one uses aggression to achieve certain goals such as to gain a high status. The Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology published a paper in which Lixian Cui (NYU Shanghai), Tyler Colasante (University of Toronto), Tina Malti (University of Toronto), Denis Ribeaud (ETH Zürich), Manuel P. Eisner (University of Cambridge) posit that reactively aggressive kids may have difficulty in regulating their negative emotions whereas proactively aggressive kids may be cold-blooded and have deficits in moral development ... Read more



NYUShanghai Hackathon 2015

Visit website for more information


Religiolinguistics: The Connection between Language and Religion
Benjamin Hary
Introduction by Joanna Waley-Cohen

17:300 - 18:30 ~ AB Room 101


Medieval Bathing
Elizabeth Archibald
Introduction by Jennifer Tomscha

19:00 - 21:00 ~ AB Auditorium


Did King Arthur exist, and if so, where?
Elizabeth Archibald 

16:30 - 17:30 ~ AB Room 203


The kids are not all right:  Filiality and intergenerational attachments in contemporary China?
Angela Zito & Gail Hershatter 
Moderated by Francesca Tarocco

17:30 - 18:30 ~ AB Room 309


Understanding Information Control in China
Dr. Margaret Roberts, UCSD
Introduction by Keith Ross

16:00 - 17:30 ~ AB Room 211

Neuroeconomics Colloquium
New Perspective on Visual Attention
Richard Krauzlis, National Eye Institute (NIH)
Nov 12, 4:00-5:30pm ~ AB Room 1504

For more on research seminars,  search for "research" here.

Campus Wire

DON"T FORGET: NYU Shanghai Sophomores intending to apply for the DC Global Leadership Scholars Program study away semester for Fall 2016 must submit applications by this Monday, November 9th to be considered for nomination.
CALLING all NYU Shanghai faculty and staff to make each step count! The 5th Annual Global Walking Challenge is on from November 15 to December 12, 2015. Register for LVS 313 in iLearn by November 12.  Pick up your free pedometer and contribute your steps to Shanghai's fifth Annual Global Walking Challenge! This is a great way to achieve a healthy goal of increased physical activity while promoting teamwork and encouraging a friendly competitive spirit among the NYU campuses. 
CHECK IT OUTTai-Chi Lecture about the theory of Taijiquan. Join Wang Kaiyuan and learn about the history and techniques of the rhythmic and meditative martial art, Tai-Chi, Tuesday, November 10th, at 12:30 in AB Room 101 ... The Farmers' Market, in collaboration with Fangcundi 方寸地 returns next Friday, November 13th 1-6pm ...
AROUND TOWN: At the Shanghai International Literary Festival ... on Sunday, November 8th at 11am, Lena Scheen will talk about her book, Shanghai Literary Imaginings - A City in Transformation ...

Works Faculty Recommend

Barbara Edelstein: Go to The Rain Room!

"Being inside the Rain Room was an amazing sensory experience and absolutely visually beautiful. It is a successful blending of art and technology."

The “Rain Room”, by the artist collective Random International, is currently on view at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai. It is a large-scale environment, a black room with one light, where it is raining everywhere except where you are walking. It was shown at MoMA in NYC in 2013 where the waiting lines were 8 to 10 hours long. Reservations are advised, and there is an entrance charge.

Photo by Jian-Jun Zhang

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