September 25, 2015

Top Stories

NYU Shanghai Students Win Awards at 2015 Higher Ed Makers Exhibition 

Sunday September 20 - One of NYU Shanghai’s five teams, competing with students from other local universities at the 2015 Higher-Ed Makers Exhibition, won first prize for its project, DANCING ORIGAMI. Also, the teams behind the SYNTH and HANABI projects tied for third place.  The full article is available here.

NYU Shanghai Impresses Leading Computational Chemists
Symposium Held On Campus

August, 2015 - The NYU-ECNU Center for Computational Chemistry at NYU Shanghai hosted the 2015 Shanghai Symposium on Frontiers in Computational Chemistry, successfully attracting over 100 top scholars and students from China and around the world.  The Shanghai gathering was the culmination of a significant effort by the Institute and the Office of Research to introduce NYU Shanghai as an effective international platform for research and collaboration among leading Chinese and international computational chemists.  The full interview is available here.

In the News

Conversation Stimulates Cultural Understanding

September 16, 2015 - Global Times published an article about NYU Shanghai hosting a live dialogue between Chinese and American college students. The full article is available here.

NYU Shanghai Professor David Fitch Discusses Grandfather’s Role in Nanking Massacre

September 11, 2015--Pudong Times ran a story about  Prof. David Fitch's talk about his grandfather, George Ashmore Fitch, who played a key role in the public disclosure evidence of the Nanjing Massacre. The full article is available here.


“Black Market in Black Magic”
An exchange with Prof. Duane Corpis

September 17, 2015 - Assistant Professor Duane Corpis presented to his fellow faculty members an overview of the Tempel Anneke witch trial that took place in 1662-1663 on the outskirts of modern day Braunschweig, Germany. The following exchange grew out of that discussion.
Q.  What led you to devote yourself to this story? Is it a metaphor for something we need to better understand today? Is there a connection to the fact that you are teaching a generation who grew up on harry potter?
A. My interest in witch trials, like the one in which Tempel Anneke became embroiled, emerged out of my teaching and research interests in the ways that the history of crime -- how crimes got defined and who got to define them -- can tell us a great deal, not just about formal law and its policing, but also about broader social structures and processes in the past.  The European witch trials in particular are rich sources that tell us a great deal about popular culture and religion, gender relations, and the relationship between state authority and communal life.  The full interview is available here.

In Focus

The Power of a Poster ...

... to share ideas!   Prof. Avraham Parola's students created the poster above to present a novel way to develop therapeutic interventions to combat ischemic states such as gangrene, cirrhosis, myocardial infraction and strokes.  Parola credited his NYU Shanghai research grant for helping him further contribute to this effort.  The Poster is on display outside his office.



TALK NYU Shanghai
Prof. Steven Koonin
Director, NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress 
Introduction by Associate Vice Chancellor Xiao-Jing Wang

17:00 - 19:00 ~ Room 101


Fall Entrepreneurship 
Speaker Series #2

Miranda Tan, Robin8, CEO
Richard Law, iCE Angel - ID, Founder & CEO

17:30 - 19:00 ~ Room 101

Campus Wire

The NYU-ECNU Institute of Physics at NYU Shanghai held its first retreat this week in Suzhou.  Participants, including faculty from NYUECNU and NYU Shanghai, convened in both formal sessions and informal breakouts.  NYU Shanghai’s own Tim ByrnesPilkyung Moon and Jun Zhang were among the presenters.  Dan Stein and Guoxiang Huang, co-directors of the Institute, led a roundtable discussion about the organization's future.  Commenting on the significance of the retreat,  Prof. Gregory Gabadadze, Chair of NYU's Department of Physics and one of original architects of this young institute, said,  “this gathering will undoubtedly shape the future of the Institute”.

On campus this week, Vice Chancellor Lehman signaled, in his address to university staff, a key milestone in NYU Shanghai's development. “As we welcome our third freshman class, by all accounts, we have accomplished a lot over the past three years. It is exciting to witness. Congratulations”, said Lehman as he listed some of the staff’s accomplishments. He added, “we have generated even more magic than could reasonably be expected.” In particular, Lehman applauded this summer’s onboarding of new faculty by HR Mobility, and invited Sophie Hu, of office of Human Resources, to the podium to speak about her team's successful approach to facilitating the arrival of faculty, and making them feel warmly welcomed. 


Qilins Make Strong Showing
at China NFL University League

The NYU Shanghai football team made a strong showing at the NFL China University League Flag Football Tournament last weekend at Luwan Stadium.  Behind a stout defense and attacking with an efficient offense, the Qilins went undefeated in pool play against several local university teams before losing a tough fought match in the semi-final level of the knock-out round.