Friday, March 25th, 2016
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Campus News

Speaking for the Prize: Chen Mengzhu '18 Goes to London

Sunday, March 20 -  NYU Shanghai sophomore Chen Mengzhu (Katie), winner of a prestigious English-language speaking contest, will fly to London this May as China’s sole representative in the International Public English Speaking Competition. Chen has brought home first prize of the  "21st Century · Coca-Cola Cup" National Englilsh Speaking Competition Finals, held at Beijing Foreign Studies University on March 20, as was reported by China Daily. >> Read more 

West Coast Gatherings Learn about NYU Shanghai

NYU alumni and student parents, of different ages and backgrounds, gathered early this month in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle to mingle and meet NYU Shanghai Chancellor Yu Lizhong. >> Read more

New Literary Readings Draw Crowds

The Literary Reading Series at NYU Shanghai, led by David Perry, kicked off its 2016 Spring schedule with a pair of recent US American novelists: Jess Row, author of Your Face in Mine, and acclaimed US journalist, documentarian and filmmaker Leslie Cockburn, who read from her debut foray into fiction, Baghdad Solitaire. >> Read more

Revisiting the 60s

March 13-15 -  Last week, leading scholars and thinkers in different disciplines from around the world met over three days to explore the global perspectives and legacies of the 1960s. The conference, entitled “Revisiting 1968 and the Global Sixties" is sponsored by the NYU Provost’s Global Research Program and the Office of the Provost of NYU Shanghai. The  conference will reconvene next in Abu Dhabi and then New York later in the year. >> Read more 

In the Media

"Islamic State", a Kind of Cancer?

Exploration and Free Views carried a piece by Prof. Wu Guanjun analyzing the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels. Read more.

Shanghai Educational Forum

CCTV talks higher education with NYU Shanghai Chancellor Yu Lizhong and Vice Chancellor Jeff Lehman.  Watch the video.

In Focus

Developing Career Opportunities

This week, the Career Development Center (CDC) hosted Career Boot Camp followed by the first of two Summer Internship Fairs (March 25th and April 15th). Throughout a week of workshops, students explored the realities of working in liberal arts, business, and non-profit industries. Already, participating companies have posted over 350 jobs on CareerNet for students to consider. >> Read more  



Dialogue Between Jian-Jun Zhang And Yan Zhou
Barbara Edelstein
13:00 – 15:00 ~AB Room 1505     RSVP


China’s Internet: A 20-Year Retrospective
Kaiser Kuo
18:00 - 19:00 ~ AB Room 1505      (more)


British vs Chinese Education
Jun Yang-Williams
17:00 – 18:00 ~ AB Room 1505     (more)


High Speed Rail: Horses For Courses
John Foote, Cornell University
18:30 – 19:30 ~ AB Room 1505      (more)


Derivatives and Risk Hedging
Bin Hu
19:00 - 20:00 ~ AB Room 101


The Broadway Musical's Transnational Journeys
Laura MacDonald
18:00 – 19:00 ~ AB Room 1505     (more)

Neuroscience Seminar


Neural Circuit Mechanism of Emotional and Social Behaviors
Hailan Hu, Zhejiang University
12:00-13:30 ~ GEO  Room 264     (more)  

Campus Wire

>>> Fusion Music Festival is THIS Saturday, 1-9:30pm. Don’t miss the music, food and fun all day long!  >>>  Looking to internships? Register here for the March 25 Spring Internship Fair and here for the one on April 15!  >>>  What do you know about probability theory in China? Learn from NYU Shanghai’s 2nd Probability Conference. Check the schedule for March 25 and March 26  >>>  Interested in interning or researching at NY or DC? Swing by for the Spring 2016 Global Week. Here’s the schedule  >>>  This year, 58 DSS scholars will travel to Cambodia, Guizhou, Yunnan, Henan and Hunan for Spring Break community outreach. Find out more  >>>  Great news for sciences enthusiasts: a stream of science seminars will be held in following months. You are most likely to find similar minds here. See more  >>> Four intense Candidate Weekend Events have finished. Thank you everybody for your dedication and hard work in making it a success!  >>>  Ally Week is coming! Groups are now encouraged to host various events and Ambassadors are sought to represent the initiative. Sign up before March 29  >>>  And finally, new faces! A big welcome to Lucy Xu 许玮璐 as Associate of  Business, and to Jake Pu  蒲振东 who joins the Public Affairs team as our Media Relations Officer.

Must Read!

Malkovich - Why We Read Fiction: Theory of Mind and the Novel by Lisa Zunshine.

Einat Natalie Palkovich, Lecturer at NYU Shanghai’s Language Center explains,  “Lisa Zunshine’s book came out just as I was settling in to begin writing my PhD. I had done an enormous amount of research for my thesis, but had not come across anyone doing Cognitive Poetic criticism who was applying it in ways that I had hoped to be doing. Thus, to be honest, when I first encountered Zunshine's book it threw me for a loop. I felt like I had to revise my entire thesis because all I had wanted to say had been ‘said before’ and then I gradually realized the ways in which my theory could be improved and all that I could yet learn. Thus, a book that at first felt like the end of the world, became the front door to the rest of my life." For more

Photo of the Week

Egg Roll!

Students worked to raise funds on March 17 through community activities for the upcoming Dean’s Service Scholar’s trips. Some 60 NYU Shanghai students will be visiting 5 different service projects around China that focus on issues ranging from education to housing. (Photo by: Shikhar Sakhuja)