November 20, 2015
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Campus News

President-designate Hamilton Visits NYU Shanghai

NYU’s President-designate, Andrew Hamilton, visited NYU Shanghai this week as part of a sequence of visits to meet his new colleagues at NYU’s degree granting campuses in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi.  
Over the course of two densely scheduled days, President Hamilton met with faculty and administrative staff and had a series of meetings with key partners in the development of NYU Shanghai:  East China Normal University, the city of Shanghai, and the district of Pudong.  During his meeting with Shanghai's mayor Yang Xiong, both parties expressed their satisfaction with the way the school has developed during its first three years of activity.
President Hamilton was especially eager to spend time with NYU Shanghai students during his whirlwind visit.  He participated in a class on comparative politics, and he joined in the school's popular annual Dumpling Festival.  He also made time to open the First Annual Conference on Economic Liberalization of Emerging Markets at the Volatility Institute of NYU Shanghai, sharing the stage with Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Engle.
"I am honored to have been selected as New York University’s new president, and I very much enjoyed my first visit to the remarkable NYU Shanghai community,” remarked Dr. Hamilton. “The intersection between China and the rest of the world will be a defining force in the twenty-first century, and I am thrilled to see with my own eyes how NYU has created a new kind of university to capture the new intellectual opportunities that this development presents."

The Science Behind Seeing
NYU Prof. Movshon at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

November 18, 2015 - Our eyes see many things every day. Yet, we rarely wonder what it means to see? Why don't two squares under the same light look alike when seen against backgrounds of different shades?  Read more

Qi Lu ’17 Earns a "Baosteel Excellent Student Award”

November 15, 2015 -- The BAOSteel Education Foundation honored NYU Shanghai not once but twice this week. Leading the way, Qi Lu '17 became the first NYU Shanghai student to earn the prestigious Baosteel Excellent Student Award. Then, NYU Shanghai was appointed to the foundation's select Scholarship Committee. NYU Shanghai's Associate Vice Chancellor Hongxia Liu attended the awards ceremony. Read more

NYU Shanghai Sing-Off!

November 18, 2015 - Another week of firsts at NYU Shanghai hit a high note Wednesday evening at the campus' inaugural Sing-Off. Kaixuan Yao, one of 20 contestants who survived four preliminary rounds, took 1st place with his performance of “Don’t rain on my parade. Also winning recognition were Fan Zhang, Haiyan Zhang, Teng Ma, Jose Reyes, Hua Zhu, Joelle Galloway, Jingyi Zhang, Baiwei Xu, Victoria Rusu. This competition was held by the NYU Shanghai Youth League Committee. Check out the photo gallery.


Jian-Jun Wang and Barbara Edelstein: 
“Absorbing the World”

Barbara Edelstein and Jian-Jun Zhang recently talked about their respective work and collaborations as part of the Faculty Luncheon Speaker Series. Almost as an after thought, they revealed just how much creative energy they bring to their students: this week, Barbara's artworks just opened in a NY gallery and her solo show will open in Los Angeles in January, Jian-Jun is showing at 2 galleries in the Art021 art fair in Shanghai, will show in Amsterdam next week, and November 28th at the Long Museum, and both their artworks will open Saturday in the 30 Years of Shanghai Contemporary Art exhibition at the SheShan Contemporary Art Center in Shanghai, and more exhibitions and projects are coming.

What's it like to be so collaborative?
: People think artists are independent, some people think artists are self-absorbed, independent individuals who put on airs. Actually, confident artists are normal people. Art is life. Barbara and I have known each other for a long time, and we appreciate each other as persons and as artists.
Barbara: When we first met, esthetically we shared similarities.
Jian-Jun: We shared water. Barbara used it as an element of nature... Read more

In the Media


Last week's Hackathon keeps on generating coverage of NYU Shanghai.. Read the article

Top 40 Greatest Innovations of 2015 

In an article about the Top 40 Greatest Innovations of 2015, NYU Shanghai Assistant Professor Almaz Zelleke talks about eradicating extreme poverty. Read the article

An Interactive Q+A System 

Shanghai Morning Post ran a story about  ​NYU Shanghai Prof. Zheng Zhang's demonstration of a new interactive question and answer system... Read the article


NYU Shanghai Tennis Picks Up A First

Nov 14 - In its debut as a sports team, NYU Shanghai Tennis earned four wins out of five matches in a friendly invitational. Hosted by Xi'an Liverpool University, the other participating school was Ningbo Nottingham University. The tournament consisted of two men's singles, one women's single, one men's double and a mixed double match. Evan Zhang, Mira Malmosi, Ella Kuzmenko, Samuel Khoshbin, Bradford Sunderland, Jose Reyes, Haider Ahmed and Junchao Lin represented NYU Shanghai in its standout victory. Highlights included Samuel Khoshbin serving up a winning 6-0 bagel set in the first men's single match of the tournament. The team expects to compete against five schools in the Spring edition of the tournament.
Check out the photo gallery.



Literary Reading
Timothy Tomlinson and Dan Keane
Introduction by David Perry
16:30 to 18:00 ~ AB Room 211


Evolution of Color and Motion Vision
Claude Desplan
Introduction by David Fitch
17:30 to 18:30 ~ AB Room 101


China Remix
Melissa Lefkowitz and Dorian Carli-Jones (Producers) 
Introduction by Chidelia Edochie
17:30 to 18:30 ~ AB Auditorium

Master Equation in Mean Field Control Theory
Alain Bensoussan, University of Texas at Dallas
Tuesday, Nov. 24, 11:00 to 13:00 ~ GEO Room 264

Research Institutes Events

Mathematics of Mobile Networks 
Alexandre Stauffer, University of Bath
Wednesday, Nov. 25, 16:00 to 17:30 ~ AB Room 311

Campus Wire

...Thanks to the 2015 Flu Precautions campaign, the NYU Shanghai community is ready and well equipped with flu survival kits packed with Vitamin C. This year's Flu Shot program is sponsored by NYU Shanghai HR and the  NYU Student Health Center with ParkwayHealth's  seamless technical support.

...Don't miss it! This Saturday (Nov 21) at 8:30pm, Chancellor Yu will appear on Shanghai TV News Channel’s Teenage Edison program  as a judge and mentor. The TV program will showcase scientific and technological talents and dreams.
...On Thursday, Ms. Hua Yifeng met with a group of students at NYU Shanghai to talk about her personal experiences as a successful career woman in the male dominated finance industry. Read more.

This Week's Quote

"Listen as if it begins with...once upon a time…”

Dianna Heldman
NYU Shanghai Assistant Professor of Music and Music Education

At the start, a musician is a listener. Ears tuned to channel music in a manner that causes other information to fall away, the focus becomes absolute. And, as the promise of something extraordinary unfolds, we are rapt in the moment much the same way as a child is at the start of "once upon a time..."
Inspired by Stephen Covey’s statement: “Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply,” Dianna Heldman challenges us to listen: Take the time to listen completely without internal or external distraction. Allow the words, the music or the sounds to stand on their own merit without imposing value. Allow this to permeate your perception of the world around you for the time you devote to the act and then see if you are changed by the input if not simply by the act.

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10,000 Dumplings !

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