Vividata delves into Canadian consumer behavior both online and off with its latest Winter 2023 SCC/Digital Database    

Toronto, ON, Tuesday, February 28, 2023 – Vividata™ has just released their Winter 2023 SCC/Digital Database, giving researchers, marketers, and strategists the latest – and most complete view – of Canadian consumer and media behavior, both online and off. 

The new database integrates Vividata’s Winter 2023 SCC | Study of the Canadian Consumer with Metrica’s passive measurement of digital consumers, allowing members to create demographic, psychographic, consumer, and media profiles of visitors to thousands of websites and apps, from giants like Instagram, Spotify, YouTube and Amazon, to more niche properties like Meetup, Bandcamp, Shein and so much more.    
What's New For Winter 2023 

Properties Grouped by Company
Whether you’re looking to take a deep dive into Meta, or uncover the far-reaching impact of Google, Microsoft, Bell, or more, new groupings under Company Properties allow you to zero-in on key digital media landscapes with ease. 

New and Enhanced Categories  
Better profile digital consumers with websites and apps sorted into new lifestyle and interest categories like Science & Technology or Life, Culture, & Art, or new online shopping categories like Sportswear, Sporting Goods & Outdoor.

Over 500 new Websites and Apps  

With over 500 new digital properties released in Winter 2023, SCC/Digital now provides reporting on over 4,000 websites and apps.
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From Fab Looks To Everyday Essentials, Over 2 in 5 Canadians Are Getting Their Fashion Fix Online

Over 13.3 million (43%) Canadian adults visit Clothing, Footwear & Accessories websites or apps in an average month, racking up an average of 24 million page views per month to find – or buy – just what they’re looking for. 

In total, those 13.3 million Canadians also report spending nearly $3.3 billion online in an average month overall, or $247 per month each – 26% more than the average Canadian. For Canadians that visit Clothing, Footwear & Accessories websites or apps more frequently (10+ times in an average month), that figure jumps to 75% more than the average Canadian, topping out with average monthly online spend of $343.

Women make up nearly two-thirds of visitors to Clothing, Footwear & Accessories digital shopping properties, with women under 25 the most likely of any age group to do so (59% more likely than the average Canadian), followed by women 35 to 49 (45% more likely) and women 25 to 34 (36% more likely). 

GAP properties like,, or are the most popular within the category, topping out at nearly 4.9 million unique Canadian visitors in an average month.,,, and H&M’s, round out the top five; however, visitation does shift based on the segment of the population visiting. For women under 25 for example, appears in their top-5 visited, while,, and crack their top-10.

While 46% say they notice ads on television in an average day, visitors to Clothing, Footwear & Accessories shopping websites and apps are 16% more likely than average to regularly notice ads on social media like Facebook, Tik Tok or Instagram, and the likelihood grows with how often they visit a shopping site. Among frequent visitors to the category’s websites or apps, 52% say they notice ads on social media in an average day, which is not only 5 percentage points more than those that notice ads on TV, but also 14 percentage points higher than the proportion of all Canadian adults who notice ads on social media.  

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1 In 5 Canadians Are Getting Active With Fitness Apps

Nearly 6 million (19%) Canadian adults use Fitness-themed apps in an average month, with Optimity (28%), FitBit (28%) and the Apple Health app (21%) being the top three among Fitness app users overall.

At nearly 1 in 4 (24%), women under 50 are the most likely to use a Fitness app in an average month, with those under 35 the most likely to use Google Fit (98% more likely than the average Canadian) and women 35 to 49 the most likely to use MyFitnessPal (3x more likely).

69% of Fitness app users participated in some form of physical activity in the past year, with Walking/Hiking, Home Exercise, and Swimming being the top activities participated in. When looking at more active Canadians, young men (under 35) who use Fitness apps are 2.1x more likely than average to jog 10 or more times per year, while young women users are 87% more likely to enjoy yoga or Pilates 10 or more times per year.

Over 1 in 4 (27%) Fitness app users visit a Sportswear, Sporting Goods & Outdoor shopping website or app in an average month, making them 30% more likely than the average Canadian to do so. (reach 12%, index 166), (reach 6%, index 180), and (reach 3%, index 108) are the top sport-related shopping sites visited by Fitness app users in an average month, with women users 35 to 49 the most likely to visit (2.5x the average Canadian) and women users under 35 the most likely to visit (3.6x the average Canadian).  

56% of Fitness app users agree with the statement “Sport and exercise is essential for my mental wellbeing”, peaking with male users under 35 at 66%.

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Benefits of Vividata’s SCC/Digital Database

This new SCC/Digital Database is the tenth edition from Vividata, allowing subscribers to:
  • Match online metrics to real world data
    From leisure activities to consumer habits, to media usage, and more, subscribers can get a complete look at the lives of Canadians with data that delves into their behaviour, both online and off.
  • Spark insights with powerful psychographics  
    Peek into the mindset of the Canadian consumer with powerful psychographic statements designed to spark insights from topics like finance, health and wellness, society and politics, media use, automotive, and more.
  • Segment, target, and inform to greater effect
    Using a groundbreaking, world-class fusion methodology called the “multi-dimensional isotonic fusion”, users see logical profiles and offline behaviours of visitors to over 4,000 reported websites and apps.
  • Access, cut, and slice with ease
    Vividata’s new SCC/Digital Database is available through Nielsen and Telmar platforms, allowing subscribers to dig into the data on-demand.
Vividata Members Get More 

Join the over 500 brands, media companies, advertising agencies and more getting deeper, more relevant consumer and audience insights through exclusive member perks. 
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