Newsletter 16.  June 2016.Immigrant groups, good or bad? Families of migrants. Thriving in diversity.
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Half way through the year

Mid June in New Zealand, mild winter and today is the shortest day. In the United Kingdom, summer and the longest day has started as I write. UK:NZ. We may speak the same language, but there are times when we feel worlds apart. The time difference is only one hurdle to cross when trying to maintain meaningful contact. The seasonal difference reminds us we are far apart. I have just started to use "Snapchat." and enjoy the mini-moments with my adult children, where we can send a bit of loving across the world.

For those in the Northern hemisphere up late with the longest day, here are 7 things to know about the longest day of the year. In NZ the shortest day is almost over. It is dark but getting lighter as the full moon is rising. For us the days only get longer from here on. Yipee!

Immigrant cluster groups, good or bad? 

Auckland, New Zealand has been thrown into diversity. Many New Zealanders embrace the advantages. Others are happy to take the good and be vocal about the bad. Voiced concerns include "they don't mix, " and, "they stick together." So why do migrants stick together? What is good or bad about having immigrant cluster groups? Read more here

Other websites on this are
Why do all the Chinese students sit together?

Do you have loved ones overseas?

May be you are feeling you could do with some understanding and empathy. I would love to hear your point of view, but if you want to hear how I think it might be, read my May blog, Families of immigrants left behind  - What do they think?

Is there diversity around you? Would you like to be better amongst diversity? 

Internations has come up with 5 Tips for Thriving in a Culturally Diverse Environment.

  1. Stop taking your own culture and language for granted
  2. Think before you speak - and don't be afraid to ask questions.
  3. See things through a different lens - the good and the bad alike.
  4. Remember that you are dealing with individuals.
  5. Try to come up with a compromise.

I agree that the first item is the most important. As it is often difficult to know whether we are taking our own culture and language for granted, there are various tools and exercises available. These are the assessment of Cultural Intelligence.
David Livermore and others can assess your CQ.


Typo Error

I can hear the tut tuts at the last Newsletter's typo: "There Career" rather than "Their Career." Ouch wince cringe. I guess it shows I am not a robot! Apologies.

Best wishes to all subscribers. I would love to hear your comments and experiences. Writing on my blog would be great or by email. Kind regards,
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