ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 68
05th Muharram 1438 / 07th October 2016
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Muharram: Reaffirmation of the Hijrah!
The crescent of Muharram casts our thought back to a momentous event in the annals of Islamic history. The Muslim calendar begins from the historic migration of Nabi (ﷺ) and his companions from Makkah to Madina. The adoption of Hijrah [migration] as the beginning of the Muslim calendar took place during the reign of ‘Umar (RA). It is now more than 1400 years since Nabi (ﷺ) migrated from Makkah and settled in Madina. The beginning of a New Year is bound to the dynamic character of the Muhajirin (emigrants from Makkah) and Ansar [Hosts of Madina]. Hijrah in many ways encapsulates the spirit, vitality, and essence of Islam. The beginning of a New Year within the context of Hijrah is therefore: 
An Acknowledgement of the Integrity of the Companions of Nabi
 Muharram is a reaffirmation of our belief in the integrity of the Sahaba (RA) despite constant attempts by deviate sects to besmirch the noble character of the Companions. The entire edifice of Deen is based on the integrity of the Sahaba. We are perpetually indebted to them for their earnest commitment to establish the first Muslim Commonwealth in Madina, at the price of their lives, families, and possessions. The Sahaba earned the envious sanction of Allah Himself, in the following words of the Holy Our‘an: “As for the first and foremost of those who migrated and those who aided them (in Madina) as well as those who follow them, Allah is well pleased with them and well pleased are they with Him …” [Qur’an 9 Verse 100]
A Revival of the Spirit of Compassion, Selflessness, and Generosity:
The Ansar of Madina received the Makkan refugees with unparalleled generosity, sharing with them like brethren their own dwellings and all their possessions. Nabi 
(ﷺ) established such a bond of brotherhood that the Ansar of Madina were prepared to divide all their possessions equally with their brothers from Makkah.
New Year is a time to reflect upon our self-centered lives. Our insatiable greed to amass and accumulate. Our compulsive tendency to look down upon the down trodden ‘refugees’ It is a time to stretch our hands out to the less-privileged, and learn to share and empower the destitute.
The Holy Qur’an refers to the benevolence of Muhajirln and Ansar in the following glowing terms: " … those who harbour in their hearts no grudge for whatever the others may have been given, but rather give preference over themselves, even though poverty be their own lot… " [Qur‘an 59 Verse 9]
A Commitment to Strive in the Course of Allah:
A purview of the state of the Ummah reveals that the Muslim Ummah is in the grip of an acute political crisis. The global position of the Ummah is no more than one huge monstrous refugee camp. Muslims are robbed, wounded, tortured, expelled, and dispossessed, living a state of continuous fear, and resentment.
The deafening cries from the blessed lands of Palestine, and the rest of the Muslim world beckons for action and support. We have become passive, puny, and vulnerable because of our inaction and indifference. The Holy Qur’an states: "And they who have attained to faith, and make Hijrah, and strive hard in the course of Allah as well as those who shelter and help them, it is they who are truly believers." [Qur’an 2 Verse 218]
A Resolve to Forsake the Domain of Evil:
We need to imbue within our lives the character, nobility, commitment and resolve of a true Muslim. The Holy Prophet
(ﷺ) has said: “A Muslim is he from whose tongue and hand Muslims are safe, and a believer is he who men trust with their lives and property, a Mujahid is he who strives hard with might and main in the obedience of Allah, and a Muhajir is he who forsakes the domain of evil and vice.” [Tirmidhi and Nasa‘i]
The beginning of a New Year is a reaffirmation of our commitment to Hijrah;
To forsake our shallow mundane desires and migrate towards the pleasure and forgiveness of the Almighty. 
The spirit of Hijrah needs to be infused in our idle and aimless days and nights. We need to begin this year with an earnest attempt to respond to the following verse of the Holy Qur’an:
“Say: ‘If your fathers and sons and your brothers and your spouses and your clan, and the worldly goods which you have acquired, and the commerce whereof you fear a decline and the dwellings in which you take pleasure – (if all these) are dearer to you than Allah, His messenger and struggle in His cause…’”
[Qur ‘an 9 Verse 24]

Programs of the ACJU Education Division:-
A Spiritual motivation session was conducted on 'Companionship of Good Friends' by Sheikh Irfan Mubeen on 30th of September at the Khairiyyah Muslim Ladies College, Colombo. 

A program on 'Implementing the Projects of ACJU Education Division in Schools in Kandy City', was conducted for major stakeholder groups in Kandy such as KMTA, SEDA, YMMA, Kentrust, Baith-uz-Zakath, Masjid Federation, Kandy Forum and Muslim Majlis of University of Peradeniya, at the ACJU Kandy District office on the 03rd of October.

Under the project 'Transforming Every Child' a Islam Teacher in Sinhala medium was provisioned to St John's College, Colombo, to which more than 1000 Muslim Students are attending. 

A Spiritual motivation session was conducted on 'Unity in Diversity' by Sheikh Azwar Ali on 03rd of October at the Al Nasser College, Colombo. 

An Award Ceremony on the completion of Psychology Counseling training for teachers was held at the Al Hidaya School Auditorium on the 05th of October, in which 26 Teachers were awarded. Ash Shiekh Mufti Yoosuf Haniffa-Vice President of ACJU, Mr.Jayantha Wickramanayaka-Zonal Director of Education-Colombo, Principals of Schools in Colombo, Community leaders,Professionals, Well Wishers & Teachers participated in the program.
A special awareness session on Halaal Certification by Ash Sheikh Irfan Mubeen from Halaal Accrediation Council-Sri Lanka, was also conducted at the above event.
ACJU Branches Coordination Division organized a Branch Training session for selected members from the ACJU District Branches of Matale, Kurunegala, Ratnapura, Kalutara, Kegalle, on the 02nd of October.

The ACJU Youth Affairs Division organized a program on 'Spirit of True Islam' for members of the 'AUMSA - All University Muslim Students' Association' on 02nd of October at the ACJU Head office.

A Training Program for 'Masjid Based Service Team' was conducted at Kirungadeniya-Mawanella, on the 03rd of October by the ACJU Social Service Division.

The ACJU Ulama Affairs Division conducted programs on 'Introduction of ACJU' and ACJU Membership Campaign at 02 Madarasas & 03 ACJU Divisional Branches in the Nuwara Eliya District on the 05th & 06th of October. 
-Hamidhiyya Arabic College- Hapugastalawa
-Usmaniyya Arabic College- Dickoya
ACJU Divisional Branches-Hapugastalawa, NuwaraEliya, Hatton.

ACJU Maktab Division conducted Muallim Revision Training programs at the following Areas:-                        
03rd of October-Madurankuliya
04th of October-Ethalai Jumu'ah Masjid
05th of October-Theliyagonna Jumu'ah Masjid
05th of October-Siyambalagaskotuwa
06th of October-Arakyala Jumu'ah Masjid 

ACJU Hilaal Division Poster:-
Day of Aashura 10th Muharram - 12th October.

Adab and Akhlaaq
The easiest way to explain Adab is that one ensures that others are comfortable and happy.
We might be showing that Adab and Akhlaaq to others, but how many of us show it to our families, whereas this is where the greatest amount of Adab and Akhlaaq needs to be shown.
Fasting on Day of Aashura
Abu Qatadah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) was asked about observing As-Saum (the fast) on the tenth day of Muharram, and he replied, "It is an expiation for the sins of the preceding year."
According to another Hadees, it is more advisable that the fast of 'Ashurah should either be prefixed or suffixed by another fast. It means that one should fast two days: the 9th and 10th of Muharram or the 10th and 11th of it. The reason of this additional fast as mentioned by the Holy Prophet ﷺ is that the Jews used to fast on the day of 'Ashurah alone, and the Holy Prophet ﷺ wanted to distinguish the Islamic-way of fasting from that of Jews. Therefore, he advised the Muslims to add another fast to that of 'Ashurah.
 Abdullah bin  'Abbaas Radhiyallahu Anhuma reported that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) had said:
If I live till the next (year), I would definitely observe fast on the 9th(Muslim)
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