ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 43
06th Rajab 1437 / 14th April 2016
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Islam and Marriage
In a society where woman’s rights were under attack from all directions, Allah sent His Messenger with the gift of Islam. The Messenger (ﷺ) of Allah Swt raised women’s rights to their proper place by educating the masses that women were sisters, mothers and wives who were to be cherished and protected.
The Value of Marriage
On the road towards returning the rights that had been stripped from women, the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ)
  highlighted that the within marriage the woman is a companion who plays an essential role in earning the pleasure and blessings of Allah. Furthermore He clarified that isolation and monasticism had no place in Islam and Allah could not be pleased that way but emphasized that fulfilling the rights of others by fully participating in social life were the essential means of earning Allah’s pleasure and blessing.
The Prophet (ﷺ) taught people to live together in the harmonious bond of marriage rather than alone as a hermit. To further emphasize the importance of marriage he announced that marriage was His Sunnah, and whosoever disapproved of His Sunnah would not be from among his people. Hence we cannot have a more poignant and forceful sign for how important marriage is within Islam.
Allah Swt states in the Holy Quran:
We did send apostles before thee and appointed for them wives and children [6:38]
It goes without saying that the Prophets were engaged day and night in the service of Allah, but even so the responsibilities of marriage did not hinder them in this service. It was henceforth firmly established that marriage served a vital role in both religious and social progress.
Marriage: Half of Faith
Hadith literature testifies that the sacred institution of marriage fulfills half of a person’s faith, and consequently the most devout of worshippers cannot reach perfection of faith unless he enters the rites of marriage and fulfills the proper rights due his wife. The young man or woman who reaches a suitable age of marriage and remains unmarried has been referred to as a miser [miskeen]. This is because such people are to be pitied because in remaining unmarried they are unable to benefit from the tremendous blessings associated with this special Sunnah.

Importance of Marriage
Adultery and fornication will be rampant in every situation where there is no marriage. Consequently there is no shortage of brothels and other such evil places of illegal pleasure wherever people try to avoid marriage and thus shun their responsibilities. The Sacred Law of Islam has therefore mandated marriage for people so that they may live pure and clean lives and thus save themselves from sin.
If the institution of marriage had not been mandated by Islam then human beings would merely regard each other as playthings. There would be little if any regard for the woman and she would not be protected. Hence Islam ruled that if men and women wanted to live together they would have to do so in marriage and likewise assume the responsibility that goes forthwith.
Love After Marriage
Islam has not given permission for any sort of pre-marital relations and hence any marriage that is based on such a concept as love before marriage will indeed be on a very weak footing. The unfortunate results of love marriages in non-Islamic societies are reflected in staggering divorce rates because they are based on a false and temporal love.
Marriage in Islamic societies is based not on this but on the pleasure of Allah. Parents as rightful guardians select the best companion for their son and daughter based on various factors and hence the couple starts a new life together according to the tenets of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.
The world does not have a better example for all walks of life than the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ). There would be no need to pressure a wife into obedience if all husbands were to follow the supreme example of love and family life put forth by the Prophet (ﷺ). If treated right with love and respect a wife will certainly do her utmost to please her husband. She will reply to love with love and to respect with respect. Couples need to discard petty jealousies and selfish desires and follow the true Islamic concept of marriage that teaches spouses to build a clean and loving life together. 
May Allah bless us all with the ability to build such beautiful lives together.

The 5th Day session of the "Certification in Psychological Counseling", for selected teachers of 18 Muslim Govt. Schools in Colombo, was conducted by Psychological Counselor Ash Sheikh Lukmaan Hakeem on the 6th of April at AMYS Colombo, which was organized by the ACJU Education Division.

The ACJU Education Division organized Booster classes for Grade 5 students of Al Hijra Maha Vidyalaya under the Project "Transforming Every Child", on the 8th, 9th 10th and 11th of April.

The ACJU Islamic Economics and Finance Division conducted Baithuz Zakath Training for Galhinna Baithuz Zakath Committee on the 10th of April.

A delegation from the Government headed by Minister A.H.M. Fowzie visited the ACJU head office and met some of the Executive Committee Members including ACJU President to discuss matters related to 'Co-Existence' on the 11th of April.

Hilaal Calendar - Rajab 1437

Adi bin Hatim (Radiyallahu 'Anhu) reported:
Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Guard yourselves against the Fire (of Hell) even if it be only with half a date-fruit (given in charity); and if you cannot afford even that, you should at least say a good word."
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

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