ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 55
02nd Shawwaal 1437 / 07th July 2016
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EID: The Day of Prize Giving

The Day of Eid is an occasion of joy, happiness and hope. Joy at having accomplished thirty days of intense devotion and happiness at a remarkable achievement in obedience to the command of Allah. Eid is more than just a celebration of food, drink and clothes. Eid has another name in the kingdom of Allah known as ‘Yawm-ul-Jaa-izah’ – The Day of Prize Giving. It is a Day on which Allah showers His mercy, pleasure and forgiveness on those who have duly observed the month of Ramadhan. It is a Day wherein we receive our dues from Allah for having labored hard in Ramadan.

The Frist Prize: Forgiveness of Allah
When the believers come out of their houses and assemble at the place for the Eid Salaah, Allah says to His angels: “O My angels, what is the payment of the hired laborer, who has done his work?” The angels reply, “Our Lord and our Master, You will pay him his wages in full!” So Allah says, “I now call upon you to bear witness, O My angels, that I have conferred My acceptance and My forgiveness as the reward for their fasting and night vigil during the month of Ramadan.” [Ghunyalit Taalibi Tareeqal Haq]

The Second Prize: Acceptance of Du’aas 
Allah Ta’aala addresses the Muslims who assemble at the Eid Salaah: “O My servants put your requests to Me now, for I swear by My Might and My Majesty, you will not ask Me this Day, in this gathering of yours for anything connected with your life hereafter, without My granting it to you; nor for anything connected with your life in this lower world, without My attending to your need. By My Might and My Majesty, I will not put you to shame, nor will I expose you to disgrace among those who are faithfully committed to observing the laws (of Shariah). Now you may depart, knowing that you have been forgiven. You have won My approval, and I am well pleased with you.” (Ghunyalit Taalibi Tareeqal Haq)

The Third Prize: Entry into Jannah
“In Paradise there is a gate called Rayyaan, through which those who used to fast will enter on the Day of Resurrection, and no one but they will enter it. It will be said, ‘Where are those who fasted?’ They will get up, and none will enter it but them. When they have entered, it will be locked, and no one else will enter.” (Bukhari & Muslim) Eid gives us the key to enter through the Gate of Rayyaan.

The Fourth Prize: Freedom from slavery
Eid is a celebration of our faith, will power, discipline and resolve. It is a Day of victory over our carnal self. “Indeed he who causes this (self) to grow in purity shall attain a happy state and lost is he who corrupts it” (91: 9/10) Purification of the soul is a prerequisite for closeness to Allah. Our morality, self –confidence, perseverance are all derived from the extent of our self-purity. 

The month of Ramadan demonstrates that we have the faith, the resolve, the commitment and the willingness to sacrifice in quest of the pleasure of Allah. We have what it takes to change at both a personal and a collective level. Believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities and trust in Allah! The Day of Eid demonstrates our ability to purify our souls and to free ourselves from the shackles of bondage to our passion and brute lust. We celebrate our freedom from the enslavement of our passions.

The Fifth Prize: Unity of Hearts 
Eid is a Day wherein we reaffirm the brotherhood of the Ummah by assembling at the Eid ‘gha’ and by giving ‘fitra’ to the poor and needy. It is a time for Muslims to feel the joy of being united and to demonstrate mercy and compassion by giving charity before the Eid prayer. “The believers, both men and women, are awliyya (helpers, supporters, allies) of one another” (9:71)

May Allah accept our good deeds, forgive our sins and make us among those who he is pleased with and those who are pleased with him. Amin. Source
Jabal ur Rahma organization held its flood relief event for 128 Ulama who were affected by flood. Event held at ACJU head office, on 03rd of July.

Under the project "Transforming Every Child" the ACJU Education Division organized Booster Classes for the A/L Students of Fathima Muslim Ladies College, on 05th of July.

ACJU with the collaboration of Zam Zam Foundation have organized programs under the project ''Back to School'' for the students who were affected by flood, following schools will host the events on upcoming days Insha Allah.
~Al Nasser College - 30th of June
~St. Sebastain S. College - 01st of July
~Fathima Muslim Ladies College - 01st of July

~Al Hamza College - 04th of July
~Sir Razick Fareed College - 04th of July
~Al Hijra College
~Al Ameen College
~TB Jaya Zahira College
~Khairiya College
~Al Iqbal Muslim Ladies College
~Dr. Baduidin College
~Al Hakeem College
~Al Hiqma College
~Al Hidaya College
~Hameedia College
~St. Sebastian M. College

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Hilaal Calendar - Shawwaal 1437


Abu Ayyub (Radhiyallahu Anhu) narrated that :
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: "Whoever fasts Ramadhaan, then follows it with six from Shawwaal, then that is (equal in reward) to fasting everyday."
Jami` at-Tirmidhi 759

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