ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 72
03rd Safar 1438 / 04th November 2016
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Gratitude: The Key to Blessings and Happiness
“Allah set forth a parable of a town, which was once secure, content, its sustenance come to it abundantly from all quarters, yet it displayed ingratitude to the favours of Allah, so Allah made it taste the garb of hunger and poverty on account of the evil that its people so persistently committed.” (16:112)

This verse sets forth a parable of a town whose people enjoyed security of person and property, they lived fulfilling and content lives, and they enjoyed abundant sustenance and financial prosperity. However, they displayed ingratitude to the favours of Allah, He transformed their position and subjected them to two adverse conditions; “He made them taste the garb of poverty and the garb of fear.”
The word “garb” is used in this verse to describe how people are enfolded by fear in every sphere of their lives just as and how grinding poverty wiped out their once affluent lifestyles. This extreme change in fortune was on account of the ingratitude that they displayed for the favours of Allah. Ingratitude may be shown by refusing to acknowledge the true source of all blessings that we enjoy, by misusing the bounty, or by refusing to share it with others.
Hassan Al-Basri Rahimahullah said: "When Allah bestows His favours upon a people, He asks for their gratitude. If they offer their thanks [to Him], He increases their good fortune, but if they deny His favours, He turns these favours of His into torment and affliction.”
Blessings that do not bring us closer to Allah may become the very cause of affliction. Gratitude helps us to be patient, humble and it allows us to experience personal fulfillment.
Gratitude is not simply an expression but rather an action. It is a state of mind and heart that is expressed by embracing the Shariah as the perfect and complete code of life; Fostering unity and ties of brotherhood within the Ummah; Displaying compassion for the less privileged; persevering in times of hardship and difficulty; showing gratitude to fellow man; knowing and accepting that whatever befalls us, good and adversity, is due to the Will of Allah; taking care of our health and Avoiding extravagance.
Gratitude can best be understood from the following dua of Nabi (ﷺ): “O’ Allah help us to remember You, to thank you and to worship you with dedication.” It is the ability to constantly remember Him, thank Him and to worship Him with heart and soul.
May Allah bless us with a tongue that is moist with His Zikr and a heart that finds solace in expressing gratitude.
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Spiritual motivational sessions were organized by the ACJU Education Division as follows:

28th of October - At Khairiyah Muslim Ladies College on the topic "Discipline & Knowledge" conducted by Ash Sheikh Azwar Ali.

31st of October - At Al Hikma College on the topic "Discipline & Knowledge" conducted by Ash Sheikh Azwar Ali.

01st of November - At Al Hidaya School on the topic "Good Company/Friends & Respecting One's Parents" conducted by Ash Sheikh Hashim.

A Goal Setting Program was held at the ACJU Kegalle District Branch on the 23rd of October, which was conducted by the Staff members of the ACJU Head office. Office-bearers of the 7 ACJU Divisional Branches participated at the Program and a Special Address was delivered by Ash Sheikh Mufthi Yusuf Haniffa.

The ACJU Council for Coordination & Cooperation (CCC) participated in a Meeting with the 'Congress of Religions' and the 'Secretariat for Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanism' (SCRM), which was held at the National Christian Council, Colombo on the 03rd of November.

The ACJU CCC participated in another meeting to 'Promote Eradication of Child Sexual Abuse' at the PEaCE (Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere) Head office, Kohuwala, on the 3rd of November.

Virtues of Charity 
Ibn ‘Abbas radhiyallahu ‘anhuma narrates: I heard Rasullullah (ﷺ) saying:
“Anyone amongst you, who gives clothes to wear to another Muslim, will be in the safe custody of Allah, so long as a shred of the cloth remains on him.”
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