ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 66
21st Thul Hijjah 1437 / 23rd September 2016
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After Hajj
More than two million believers were honoured to become the ‘Guests of Allāh’ and through Divine Guidance have completed the rituals of Hajj with great love and enthusiasm. How fortunate are these souls who are blessed with the following words from Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam:
Whoever performs Hajj for the Pleasure of Allāh and therein utters no word of evil, nor commits any evil deed, shall return from it (free from sin) as the day on which his mother gave birth to him. (al-Bukhāri, Muslim)
Verily there shall be no reward for a Mabrūr Hajj except Jannah. (al-Bukhāri, Muslim)

Certain points which are necessary and of utmost importance to observed by the Haji.
Firstly, the sincerity of intention should remain even after the performance of Hajj. One should not wish to be called or recognised as a Hājjī. Many people adopt the habit of talking frequently about their journey in order that people may come to know of their Hajj. This is a deceit from Shaytān who ruins the ‘ibādat of the person who is unaware of it. It is therefore of great importance that the pilgrim does not talk about his Hajj without necessity as it may lead to riyā (show, insincerity). However, if necessity arises and one must talk about his Hajj then he is at liberty to do so. 
Secondly, it is noted through experience, that many pilgrims return with nothing but the sad memories to reflect upon and they talk only about the hardships they have encountered during Hajj. The pilgrims should strictly refrain from this. On the contrary, they should talk about the greatness of the sacred places, the spiritual gains, the enjoyment in devotions of Haramayn, ‘Umrah, Tawāf, Salām on the Sacred Grave, Salāt in Masjidul Harām and Masjidun Nabawī etc. If one looks at his journey of Hajj carefully he will find that the spiritual benefits far outweighs the physical hardships. Moreover, the pilgrims are rewarded abundantly by Allāh ta‘ālā upon every difficulty encountered in their journey whereas the same is not the case whilst we undertake other journeys.
If people are discouraged by their conversation and postpone their Hajj then those who have discouraged them will be equally responsible.
Thirdly, the sign of a ‘Mabrūr Hajj’ or ‘accepted Hajj’ is that upon one’s return, his life changes from worst to good. He becomes totally punctual in fulfilling the Commands of Allāh ta‘ālā. His love and inclination towards the Hereafter increases and love for the worldly pleasures decline. He should endeavor to fulfill the obligations laid down by Allāh ta‘ālā and avoid all the things forbidden by Him.
It is hoped that all the pilgrims were sincere in their intentions and had travelled thousands of miles only to secure the Pleasure of Allāh ta‘ālā by fulfilling the obligation laid down upon them. May Allāh ta‘ālā the Almighty grant all the pilgrims acceptance and grant them opportunity again and again to visit the Sacred Land. Āmīn.
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This week O/L booster classes, organized by the ACJU Education Division were conducted in the following subjects: 
Math, English, Science, Tamil, & History classes were conducted at the following Centres: Dr. Badiuddin Mahmud College, Fathima MLC, Al Hidaya M.V, Al Nasser College, Al Hikma M.V, Al Hamza M.V

The ACJU Maktab division conducted 'Muallim Revision Training programs' for existing Muallims. at the following Areas:
19th September -Gampaha
20th September -Kegalle
21st September -Galle,Matara
22nd September -Colombo

The ACJU Education Division had a Meeting with the some School Principals of Kegalle-South on the 17th of September, in which topics such as 'Why ACJU is concerned about Muslim Schools, the Survey methodologies practiced etc. were discussed.

A special meeting to discuss issues related to 'Marriage & Divorce in the Muslim Society' was held on the 26th of August, which was organized by the ACJU Galle District branch in collaboration with the Galle District Quazi and Masjid Trustees Federation of the Galle District.

Dr. Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani, an Islamic Finance Scholar and Expert, (son of Justice (Retd) Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani a prominent Islamic scholar from Pakistan), visited the ACJU Head office for a discussion with Mufthi M.I.M. Rizwe on the 21st of September.

A delegation from Turkey visited the ACJU Headoffice on the 21st of September.

A function to provide Relief Aid to selected victims of the recent Floods & Landslides, which was organized by Preston Muslim Society UK in association with ACJU Social Services Division, was held at the ACJU Head office on the 19th of September.

Ruling on congratulating the pilgrim after his return from Hajj. 
There is nothing wrong with those who come to congratulate the pilgrim on his safe return using whatever expressions they want, so long as they are permissible according to sharee’ah and indicate what is meant, such as saying “May Allaah accept your worship” or “May Allaah accept your Hajj” or “Hajjaan mabrooran wa sa’ee’an mashkooran”. There are da’eef (weak) ahaadeeth and reports which describe what is to be said to the pilgrim on his return, which cannot be proven as far as their isnaads are concerned, but there is nothing wrong with using the du’aa’s mentioned in them. That includes saying “May Allaah accept your Hajj, forgive your sin and compensate your expenditure” and “May Allaah accept your rituals, increase your reward and compensate your expenditure”. The matter is broad in scope, praise be to Allaah. And Allaah knows best.
Source - Islam QA
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Whoever performs Hajj (pilgrimage) and does not have sexual relations (with his wife), nor commits sin, nor disputes unjustly (during Hajj), then he returns from Hajj as pure and free from sins as on the day on which his mother gave birth to him."
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

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