ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 91
17th Jumaadal Aakhirah 1438 / 17th March 2017
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Our Parents .. Our Destiny 
“And upon man We ordained kindness towards parents” (29:8)
Our parents bring us into this world and nurture us with their boundless love and care. They rear us with affection and patience. Their commitment is endless, unselfish and enduring.
Their love is infinite, limitless and pure. They forget their own needs and comfortsin their preoccupation with our lives. They willingly endure and sacrifice in their labour of love. A love that grows deeper with each passing day. We will never be able to quantify their services or repay them for their enduring love. We remain permanently indebted and obligated to our parents. Allah says:
“And your Sustainer has ordained that you worship none but Him and that you do good (Ihsaan) to your parents. Should one or both of them reach old age in your care, never say "Uff” to them or scold them, but [always] speak to them with reverent speech. And spread over them humbly the wings of your tenderness and say: "O my Sustainer! Bestow Your grace upon them as they cherished and reared me when I was a child!" (17:23/24)
This verse enjoins that after Allah's right, the greatest of all the human rights is the right of parents. The fact that duty to parents is mentioned side by side with duty to Allah demonstrates that the highest human rank within our social strata is that of the parents. The verse instructs us to treat our parents with Ihsan .
Ihsan to parents means:
-Going beyond the call of duty: Go the extra mile!
-Fulfilling your duty with beauty: Only the privileged have the honour of serving their parents
-Not to become irritated or annoyed with them: If they trample over you remember Jannahlies under their feet

The verse first sets out the general rule of towards parents and then goes on to speak about treatment of parents during their old age. Old age is generally an age of weakness and sickness… a period of growing dependence…a second childhood…a stage where there is a reversal of roles…where parents no longer occupy the “the driving seat” in the vehicle of life and instead passively sit in the 'passenger' seat. This loss of control and loss of independence increases their sensitivity and decreases their agility.
It is against this background that the verse instructs children to think of their own childhood when dealing with their parents. You as children were also once helpless, ignorant, dependent and ever demanding. 
The verse sets out the five moral principles when dealing with parents
-Do not say 'Uff' to them: Do not use any word or make any sound or
display any conduct that may undermine their privileged position as
-Do not scold them: Do not raise your voice, become angry or annoyed with them.
-Reverent speech: Address them with honour and make them feel loved and special
-Spread over them humbly the wings of tenderness: Like a bird that out stretches its wings out to protect, shade, and comfort its young even at the cost ofits own safety and comfort.
-Make dua for them: “O Allah show mercy to them as they had reared me as child”
ACJU Council for Coordination & Cooperation (CCC Division) participated in a Religious leaders meeting at the Congress of Religions at the Maha Bodhi Society in Colombo on the 09th of March in which they discussed ways to improve national unity and reconciliation with Hon. Mano Ganesan, Minister of National Co-existence and National Languages. 

ACJU CCC Division and ACJU Pothuhara Divisional Branch organized a program on 'Introduction of ACJU and Introduction on the Samaaja Sanwaada Book Series' at the Pothuhara Jumu'ah Masjid on the 12th of March.
Workshops for Maktab Mudeers (principals) were conducted at the ACJU Head office on the 09th & 14th of March, by the ACJU Maktab Division.

ACJU Hilaal Committee meeting was held on the 11th of March at the ACJU Head office.

ACJU Islamic Economics & Finance Division (ACJU-IEF) conducted an awareness program on Baithuz Zakath for Ulama and Masjid Trustees in Mutwal Jumu'ah Masjid, Modara, on the 12th of March.

ACJU Hemmathagama Divisional Branch organized a special program on 'Manakibus Sahabah' in Hemmathagama on the 12th of March in which around 1200 women and 2000 men participated.

ACJU Fatwa Division had a special discussion with a team of Doctors on the subject of 'Vaccination' at the ACJU Headoffice on the 12th of March.

Reorganizing of the ACJU Matale District Branch and the selection of new Office Bearers was held on the 12th of March at the Matale Town Jumu'ah Masjid.

ACJU Dharga Town Divisional Branch meeting was held on the 15th of March at Masjidul Khairath.
ACJU Education Division Events
A "Teacher Empowerment  Workshop" was held at the Al Hilal Central College- Negombo on the 11th of March, which was organized in collaboration with NPWA.

A Career Guidance program for A/L students was conducted at the 
Fathima Muslim Ladies College Auditorium  on the 11th of March, organized with the collaboration of civil organizations.

A Spiritual motivation program was conducted at Al Iqbal Maha Vidyalaya on the topic 'Actions & Distractions' on the 13th of March.

Academic Motivation programs, organized with the collaboration of civil organisations, were conducted for the 2017 O/L Students at 
-Al Hidaya Maha Vidyalaya on the 13th of March.
-TB Jaya Maha Vidyalaya on the 15th of March.

The 11th Training session on 'Certification in Psychological Counseling' for selected Teachers of Muslim Government Schools in Kandy was conducted by Counselor Shaikh Lukman Hakeem on the 15th of March.
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