ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 38
29th Jumaadul Oula 1437 / 10th March 2016
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Resolution of National Convention on Defending Finality of Prophet-hood
In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,
The general public is hereby informed that the National Convention on Defending Finality of Prophet-hood organized by All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama on 17.03.2007 and attended by delegates from National and International Muslim Da’wah organizations, Muslim religious institutions, Muslim Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Parliamentarians, other Muslim political personages and several leading foreign and local Muslim professionals and intellectuals after considering the presentations and deliberations made by national and international Islamic scholars and religious leaders and written opinions expressed by national and international Islamic religious institutions unanimously adopted the following resolution:
WHEREAS belief in the oneness of Allah and the absolute and unqualified finality of the prophethood of Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and the manifestation of the said belief is the fundamental tenet of the Islamic faith,
AND WHEREAS Islam mandates tolerance and respect of all faiths and the acceptance by all true believers of the prophethood of all the prophets who preceded the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) including Prophet Eisa (Jesus) (Alaihis salaatu wassalaam),
AND WHEREAS Islam holds in high esteem Maryam (Mary) (Alaihis salaatu wassalaam) the mother of Eisa (Jesus) (Alaihis salaatu wassalaam),
AND WHEREAS the acceptance or recognition as a religious leader or religious reformer of any person who claimed or claims to be a prophet after Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) constitutes a violation of the fundamental beliefs of Islam,
AND WHEREAS Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the propounder of Qadiyanism also known as Ahmadism disparages Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity and his cults revile the character of Prophet Eisa (Jesus) (Alaihis salaatu wassalaam) and his mother Maryam (Mary) (Alaihis salaatu wassalaam),
AND WHEREAS the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who died in the year 1908 A.D., recognize him as a prophet and or religious reformer,
AND WHEREAS eminent Islamic religious scholars of international repute from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa, Egypt, Iran, India, USA, UK, Canada and other parts of the world have declared that Qadiyanies alias Ahamadies are not Muslims,
AND WHEREAS the aforesaid declarations have been affirmed by several International Islamic bodies and institutions such as Rabitatul Aalamil Islami (World Muslim League) which has observer status in the United Nations, Islamic Fiqh Academy (an organ of the Organization of Islamic Conference) and Al-Azhar University in Cairo-Egypt, just to mention a few,
AND WHEREAS more than 140 Islamic religious institutions in Sri Lanka have submitted their  written opinion proclaiming that Qadiyanies alias Ahmadies are not Muslims,
AND WHEREAS Qadiyanism or Ahmadism is a great threat to inter faith relations both locally and internationally and is presently causing acute tensions within the Muslim Community in Sri Lanka resulting in breaches of the peace and grave misconceptions  of the belief and tenets of Islam,
AND WHEREAS we are under a bounden duty to protect the integrity of Islam and its followers and being conscious of our duty having given serious consideration to the aforementioned measures,
We hereby resolve:-
1. That Qadiyanism alias Ahmadism is contrary to Islam and that Qadiyanies alias Ahmadies  are not muslims,
2. To appeal to our fellow Sri Lankans and others to refrain from all acts which may tend to create inter faith disharmony,
3. To appeal to all Muslims to refrain from associating in any way with Qadiyanies alias Ahmadies in whatsoever form or manner.
The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama is the Council of Muslim theologians in Sri Lanka established by Act No. 51 of 2000 enacted by the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Acting in furtherance of its object of promoting and protecting "Deenul Islam" (the Ideology of Islam) hereby appeals to all persons and institutions to give effect to the above resolution and to act in accordance therewith.
Narrated `Abdullah bin `Amr (Radiyallahu 'Anhu):
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Whoever has (the following) four characters will be a hypocrite, and whoever has one of the following four characteristics will have one characteristic of hypocrisy until he gives it up. These are: 
(1 ) Whenever he talks, he tells a lie; 
(2) Whenever he makes a promise, he breaks it; 
(3) Whenever he makes a covenant he proves treacherous; 
(4) And whenever he quarrels, he behaves impudently in an evil insulting manner."
Sahih al-Bukhari 2459

Supplication for the deceased at the funeral prayer

A meeting was conducted by the ACJU Youth Division with the Ulama who were Trained on 'Drugs Rehabilitation' on the Project 'Developing a Healthy Society' at the Leyards Broadway Masjid on Sunday, 06th of March.

The ACJU Education Division under the project "Transforming Every Child" organized the following programs this week:-

- Booster classes was conducted for Grade 5 Students on the Subjects Mathematics & Tamil Languages at the Al Hijra Maha Vidiyalaya on the 6th of March.

- A Counseling program on "Social Network Addiction" was conducted by Ash Sheikh Lukmaan Hakeem, a Psychological Counselor, at the Al Hikma College, on the 08th of March for the students from Grades 9 - 12.

- A Motivational program on the topic "How to prepare our self to face the Examination & Where do we stand" was conducted by Ash Sheikh Lukmaan Hakeem, to the students from Grades 9 - 12 at the Al Nasser College on the 09th of March.
A Program on Qaadiyanism was organized in Negambo on the 06th of March by the ACJU Propagation Division.
The first session of the "Certification in Psychological Counseling", a training course for selected teachers of 18 Schools in Colombo, was conducted by Psychological Counselor Ash Sheikh Lukmaan Hakeem on the 9th of March at Colombo, which was organized by the ACJU Education Division.
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