ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 32
17th Rabeeunis Saani 1437 / 28th January 2016 
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Introducing ACJU - (Part VII)
Propaganda Division
The Public Relations unit of the ACJU is formed and focused on assisting and guiding the community in dispelling misinformation by misguided movements, and on other key areas including Masjids, the general public and Aalims.

Masjids: On request by the trustees of a Masjid the ACJU will guide them in proper structuring in terms of Masjid registration, constitutions, training for trustees, Imams & Mu'azzins, creating MOUs between Masjids, Imams & Trustees, Baithul Maal, Zakath (wealth tax) and Wasiyyath (last will), cleanliness and good management; and on fostering great relationships with the non-Islamic community of the area.

Public: The committee conducts awareness programs needed for the general public such as Hajj, Ramadan, Good Family life, etc., through every ACJU Branch. It also provides guidance to the general public on protecting themselves from major sins.

Aalims: Aalims are trained in the art of effectively presenting Jummu'ah sermons and in public speeches. The ACJU is also educating them on the challenges of modern times such as the internet, drug abuse, Islamic finance etc.

Misguided Movements: The ACJU regularly arranges and conducts awareness programs for the public on misguided movements and activates Aalims to guide the public, where and when required.
Anas bin Malik Radiyallahu 'Anhu reported Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) as saying:
Three things follow the bier of a dead man. Two of them come back and one is left with him: the members of his family, wealth and his good deeds. The members of his family and wealth come back and the deeds alone are left with him.

Sahih Muslim 2960
 When afflicted with a calamity

The ACJU Executive Committee meeting and the ACJU Central Committee meeting was held on the 23rd of January at the ACJU head office.

Lecture on “Why The Ahamadiyya Jamaath/Qaadiyanies are Not Muslims” by Ash Sheikh Mufti M.I.M Rizwe at the Negombo Grand Mosque on the 17th of January.
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ACJU Education Division participated at the Foundation Stone laying Ceremony of the new building at Darus Salam Maha Vidiyalaya, Colombo, to which His Excellency Mr Maithripala Sirisena attended as the Chief Guest. 

A Special Training session was conducted for ACJU staff at the Head office on 'Performance Behavior' by Ash Sheikh Luqmaan Hakeem on the 25th of January.
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