ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 131
09th Rabeeunis Saani 1439 / 29th December 2017
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Means of Attaining Barakah in our homes 
'Barakah' a word we here often but sadly we have lost it in our homes, so we find no Barakah in time, nor in sustenance or our wealth and children, so what then is the key to Barakah. The following are some keys to attain Barakah:
Tilaawah of the Quraan
Allah has made the Quraan al Kareem a source of Barakah, if we ponder over its meaning and we live our lives according to its teachings. And for this reason our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said about the home in which Quraan is recited. "The Malaaikahs live in it, the shaithaans flee from it and it expands for the family and goodness increases in it .."
Saying Bismillah and making the Zikr of Allah
The Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: "If a man enters his home and he mentioned Allah's name upon his entrance and before he ate, Shaithaan says to his companions, there is no home nor food for you here."
From the means of attaining Barakah in a home is to give Sadaqah, especially secret Sadaqah because it extinguishes the anger of Allah.
Maintaining family ties
And indeed our Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has informed us that maintaining family ties, and observing good character, increases our sustenance and our lives.
Waking up early to search for your Rizq
It is mentioned in a Hadith: "Give glad tidings to my Ummah in the early parts of the day"
Which means, those who leave their homes to search for their Rizq in the early parts of the morning.
Establishing Salaah on its fixed time
"And enjoin As-Salat (the prayer) on your family, and be patient in offering them
[i.e. the Salat (prayers)]. We ask not of you a provision , We provide for you. And the good end (i.e. Paradise) is for the Muttaqun".
Placing our trust in Allah
As is mentioned in a Hadith:- "If you trust Allah as he should be trusted , he will sustain you as he provides for the birds, they leave hungry in search for food and return full."
Seeking Repentance.
Making lots of Istighfaar. And Istighfaar on its own is a means of Increasing our sustenance. Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: "Whoever makes Istighfaar Allah will make a way out of every difficult situation for him, And he will ease his sorrow, and he will sustain him from where he perceives not."
May Allah bless us with lots of Barakah and contentment.
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The ACJU Propagation Division conducted awareness programs on 'Contemporary Issues & Remedies' & Introduction of Samaaja Sangwaada Book Series, which was organized by the ACJU Kalpitiya Divisional Branch on:
-the 16th of December at the Bazar Jumu'ah Masjid - Kalpitiya. 
-the 22nd of December at the Jumu'ah Masjid - Norochchalai.

The ACJU Propagation Division conducted an awareness program on Finality of Prophethood (Khatme Nubuwwath) & 'Contemporary Issues & Remedies' at the Jamiul Khairath Jumu'ah Masjid - Ellalamulla, Pasyala on the 24th of December which was organized by the ACJU Pasyala Divisional Branch.

ACJU Division for Branches Coordination conducted Branch Reorganizing of Office Bearers of Divisional Branches of Horopatana, Kahatagaskeliya, Kekirawa, Ikkirigollawa, Anuradapura City, Madawachiyia, Nochiyagama, Nachiyatheevu and that of Anuradapura District Branch on the 16th & 17th of December.

ACJU Ninthavur Divisional Branch conducted a special meeting on the 22nd of December on conducting awareness via Khutbah sermons on how to conduct oneself during the elections.
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