ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 2 Issue No. 059
11th Thul Qa'dah 1441 / 03rd July 2020
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Youth - The Islamic perspective
The reason why the period of Youth in the human life is so important and crucial is because this the period which is generally what determines the way in which a person's life is spent. If he spends this period of his life in an Islamic environment, visiting the Masjid for the five daily prayers, associating with the pious people and the true scholars of Islam, sitting in their gatherings, then, it is greatly hoped that he will spend the rest of his life in the same way.
On the other hand, if the youth stays away from the Masjid and doesn't associate himself with the pious and scholars of Islam, but spends his time visiting the pubs/clubs, associating himself with the opposite gender and mischievous people, then it is most likely that the rest of his life will be spent in a similar manner, away from the Masjid and away from Deen, except if Allah wishes otherwise.
Just like everything, life is also a gift from Allah and every aspect of it should be regarded as a gift and a trust from Allah. Allah expects us to spend this youth in His worship and obedience, seeking knowledge of Islam and acting upon it. This in itself is a form of gratefulness.
In a Hadith, the Messenger of Allah May Allah send peace and blessings upon him said that the feet of the son of Adam will not be able to move until he is questioned regarding four things.
Out of these four questions, one question asked will be regarding how one spent his time as a youth.
In another Hadith, the Messenger of Allah May Allah send peace and blessings upon him has said that on the Day of Judgement, there are seven types of people to whom Allah will give shade to. It is stated in Bukhari that on the Day of Judgement there will be no shade except for Allah's shade. And from amongst these groups, one group will be those youth who spent their youth in the worship of Allah.
The reason being is because a youth has many desires, so whosoever goes against his desires and controls them in this delicate period of youth, and obeys the command of Allah, and tries his best to follow the Islamic Shariah, in such a time of his life when his desires are at their peak, then Allah will give him a great reward.
Therefore, the period of youth is a very delicate and important period in a Muslim's life. If spent in the right way his time as a youth will benefit not only himself but also others. By visiting the Masjid, attending the gatherings of the scholars of Islam and seeking their advice and knowledge, serving one's parents and trying to carry out Allah Taa'la's orders to the best of ability then it is greatly hoped that one will grow up to become a leader of the Muslim community and become the coolness of one's parents eyes. If wasted by continuously committing sins, disobeying Allah's commands, then it is possible that on the Day of Judgment Allah will reprimand him regarding this. 
We should realise the value and importance of the Youth, as they are the future fate of the Ummah. May Allah guide and protect us all on the day of Judgement. Ameen.
Under the 'Lighting Lamps' project ACJU Education Division held a Zoom meeting with Colombo school principals on 'What we can achieve during Covid-19 crisis' on 4th of June.

ACJU Council for Coordination and Cooperation (CCC) organized follow up meetings with the Kandy Katukale Jumma Masjid, Matale District Harmony Team and conducted an awareness program for the Ratnapura Harmony Team regarding the 'Harmony Hub' project on 19th of June.

ACJU Education Division held a discussion on 'Academic improvement before and after Covid-19' with the participation of University, A/L and O/L students at Careline Counseling Centre, Wellawatta  on 20th of June.

ACJU Division for Youth Affairs held a meeting with All University Muslim Student Association (AUMSA) regarding motivation programs, competitions and other important matters at ACJU head office on 24th of June.

ACJU Council for Coordination and Cooperation (CCC) under the project of meeting 'Important Social Leaders (ISL)' 
-held an open discussion regarding Islam  with the participation of Special Task Force officers at ACJU head office on 25th of June.
-ACJU Executive Committee members including President Ash Shaikh Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe had a discussion with venerable Bogawanthalawa Rahula Himi on Islam and coexistence at ACJU head office on 30th of June. Tamil
-A delegation of ACJU Executive Committee members including president Ash Shaikh Mufti M.I.M. Rizwe met with Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and discussed about matters related to the current situation at the Archbishop's House on 30th of June.

ACJU Fatwa Division conducted an 'Aajila' meeting to discuss Fatwa related matters at the ACJU Head office on 30th of June.

ACJU Council for Coordination and Cooperation (CCC) conducted an awareness program for the Kurunegala Harmony Team on 'Harmony Hub' project on 01st of July.
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