ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue No. 36
15th Jumaadul Oula 1437 / 25th February 2016
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Honouring Veteran Ulama of Sri Lanka & Striving towards 'Education to All'
Ulama are the lifeblood of every Muslim community.It is their selfless dedication in teaching of the religion to the masses and guiding them spiritually in the aspects of life that helps build an upright, just and moral society. Indeed, as stated by the Prophet () himself,"The Ulama are the Heirs to the Prophets".
The world, as we know, is transgressing all boundaries set by religion in the name of "progression and advancement", and many Muslims too fall victim to the glamour that such advancement brings with it.It is the Ulama who have the responsibility of constantly reminding the Muslim community of going back to the Quran and Ahadith for guidance and success in not just this life but also the Hereafter; and elevating them to the highest level indicated in the Prophetic teachings:“The best amongst you in Islam are those who were best in the pre-Islamic period,as long as they have understanding (of religious knowledge).”
There are more than 10,000 such Ulama in our country that deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their service to the Muslims of Sri Lanka. Some of the senior Ulama have dedicated their entire lives in the services of the Deen.Thus, the ACJU has selected 222 such senior Ulama who are above 63 years of age,and,will be especially appreciated and respected as the Prophet (
) advised:"Treat people according to their ranks".
Focusing especially on young minds, Masjid based Maktabs have been set up and run by these Ulama who mould the youngsters with Thaqwa and Tharbiyyah. Knowledge of Al-Quran, AlHadith, Al-Aqaid wal-Masail (Doctrine and Rules), At-Tharbiyya and Arabic Language is passed on to the students who in turn also excel in their schools and universities and become better citizens later in life.
While developing Maktabs,we must also not forget Muslim Government Schools.Over 449,000 students are studying in 951 Muslim Government schools, most of which are in dire need of development, both academically and in infrastructure.These students are the potential future leaders of our community and hence,must be provided with adequate resources to help them  gain an education without any hindrances or obstacles.
"Education to All" is a theme that we have adopted focusing on religious and general education combined to arm students with all the necessary tools in order to be successful, pious, respected and honored Muslim leaders in the future.
Insha Allah, the above event would be held on Sunday, the 28th of February at Colombo.

Abu Hurairah (Radiyallahu 'Anhu) reported:
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "The world, with all that it contains, is accursed except for the remembrance of Allah that which pleases Allah; and the religious scholars and seekers of knowledge."
[At- Tirmidhi

Dua to be recited before Sleeping

The ACJU has organized an event ' Takreemul Ulama - Honouring the Veteran Ulama of Sri Lanka & Striving towards 'Education for All' on the 28th of February, Insha Allah.

A Conference on Islamic Principals was organized by the ACJU Gampola Branch at Abrar Jumu'ah Masjid, Andiyakadawatte, Gampola on the 16th February.

Under a project of the ACJU Education Division, a School Bag Distribution program was organized with the assistance of Aluthkade Masjid Federation at the St. Sebastian Muslim Maha Vidyalaya on the 23rd of February.
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