ACJU Online Newsletter: Vol. 2 Issue No. 072
5th Shawwaal 1442 / 18th May 2021
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Guidance on compensating for the missed fasts (Qadha) during the month of Ramadhaan

Almighty Allah has made it compulsory for the Muslims to observe fast during the month of Ramadhaan, and also has exempted certain persons from observing the fast due to various reasons. As ways of compensating for the days of fasts they missed observing, Islam guides such persons to observe such missed fasts whenever possible after Ramadhaan, or to offer Fidya to the needy people.

Therefore, we request that the persons who missed any mandatory fasts during Ramadhaan to follow the guidance set out below;

01. Those who couldn’t observe fasting due to reasons such as a temporary illness, menstruation, childbirth, long-distance traveling etc. are required to observe the Qadha fasts, as compensation, prior to the dawn of next Ramadhaan.

If such missed fasts are not observed before the next Ramadhaan even when the said person possessed a good health condition, they are required to offer 600 grams of the rice (which they regularly consume) for each fast they missed as Fidya, in addition to observing the number of missed fasts after Ramadhaan.

If the Qadha fasts are failed to be observed over a period of years, Fidya of 600 grams of rice needs to be offered to the needy in proportionate to the number of years lapsed.

02. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who choose not to observe fast fearing that they may face health issues or difficulties due to fasting, require to compensate by observing the Qadha fasts only prior to the following Ramadhaan.

Mothers who do not observe fast for the sole reason of fear that their child could be affected by fasting, shall offer 600 grams of rice as Fidya to the needy, in addition to observing the number of fasts missed prior to the following Ramadhaan. If these fasts are failed to be observed prior to the next Ramadhaan, Fidya of 600 grams of rice requires to be offered for each lapsed year for every missed fast until the Qahdha fasts are completed. As years pass by without compensating for the missed fasts, the Fidya too keeps increasing each year.

03. Those who are unable to fast due to reasons such as old age or permanent illness, shall offer 600 grams of the rice as Fidya for each fast missed (offering of Fidya by such persons do not increase even if years pass by).

May the Almighty Allah bless all of us with good health, in order to engage in acts of worship without any deficiencies.

Ash-Shaikh M. L. M. Ilyas
Secretary - Fatwa Division
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

Ash-Shaikh M. Arkam Nooramith
General Secretary
All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama

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Proceeding of the ACJU Secretariat;
-Meeting with lawyers on how to handle current issues faced in the community at ACJU Head Office on 19th of April.
-Meeting with the Director General of Health Ministry at Health Ministry on 7th of May.

Under the project 'Life Coaching Workshop for Muslim Youth' ACJU Youth Affairs and Propagation Division held;
-Guidance program organized by Warakapola Branch for 35 youth at Warakapola Jumma Masjid on 11th of April.
-Guidance program organized by Dehiwela Branch for 60 youth at Taqwa Masjid and for 50 youth at Dehiwela Grand Masjid on 11th of April.
-Guidance program organized by Colombo South Branch for 130 youth at Kawdana Jumma Masjid on 18th of April.

Under the project engaging with 'Important Social Leaders' ACJU Council for Coordination and Cooperation (CCC) held a discussion regarding awareness on Islam for the 'Fathers and Sisters of Anglican Methodist Presbyterian Pectus' at Theological College of Lanka on 21th of April.

ACJU Maktab Division held a meeting with Mr. A.B.M. Ashraff, Director of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs Department on restructuring Maktab at ACJU Head Office on 21st of April.

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