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The most important article I've read this week doesn't really belong it the usual categories, it belongs here at the top. In 'Four things I’ve learnt since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis' Mark Griffiths takes a brave, touching and optimistic look at what's obviously been, and continues to be a very difficult experience. Mark and I worked together at Nesta and I've always really respected him, the deeply human and optimistic way he puts across his experience here has taken than to a whole other level.

Here's what we learned from ordering 213 curries at Wetherspoons (requires a free login to read)

This sounds rather bizarre, but behind the strange premise is a fascinating article about modern business. Short version is that Wetherspoons seems to have different prices for just about everything in different pubs across the country. Not just generally more or less expensive, but all manner of fluctuations based on local factors down to the smallest detail. It's a strange case study of capitalism, and really made me think about how enormous businesses treat consumers.

Thirty countries use 'armies of opinion shapers' to manipulate democracy

This kind of thing would have seemed like dystopian science fiction a few years ago, and yet now discussion of it is commonplace. What seem like frivolous activities on social media are powerful and important enough for governments to spend some serious time and money influencing. I'm not sure our stories of propaganda from the past, or even from sci fi really prepare us for what to do about this.

Do we need to teach children joined-up handwriting?

I always find this on fascinating. As a fairly digitally focused person working in education you might think I was all for ditching handwriting for keyboarding lessons. Actually I think we should have both, the research shows pretty clearly that handwriting is one of those formative skills that is about much more than just putting letters on the page. 
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The digitally agile researcher - The book I've edited with Natalia Kucirkova is coming out at the end of the month, and we've just released an animation we had made to let you all know what it's about. More info at .
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