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The Outer Blueprint is a leading edge program designed by TRI to realize the next generation of mobile devices. We've been seriously thinking about ways to dramatically improve our day to day mobile communication and how we use applications, one of which is the practical use of artificial intelligence (AI). We've seen chatbots come and go, but those that remain only serve as a shortcut to basic information such as weather status, street navigation, restaurant choices and internet searches. TRI's research into AI goes further into deep learning and we're interested in knowing how machines can be more beneficial to us. TRI foresees a new machine with far more computing power to serve our daily needs when we need them the most, thus we've dreamed up and have begun development of what we call a "perfectly designed device." We introduce to you - the Turing Phone Cadenza.

Turing Phone Cadenza

The Turing Phone Cadenza is a bold continuation of TRI’s mobile research and the first device in The Outer Blueprint program. After finishing up the development and delivery of the first Turing Phone, the world's first liquid-metal mobile phone, TRI is embarking on another challenge to build the unimaginable. Many have doubted our ability to deliver a product that we promised we would, while many have shared their passion and support for TRI. Although we have faced many obstacles and challenges in our journey to innovate, we've chose to side with those who are keen in helping us shape the future.

Turing Phone Cadenza Specifications

TRI is able to pivot efficiently and create something as extraordinary as the Turing Phone Cadenza. It is our belief that we can disrupt the status quo by bringing the Turing Phone Cadenza from the future to the present.

Turing Phone Cadenza

I look forward to you joining us in this journey.

- Steve YL Chao (CEO & Chief Architect)

Turing Robotic Industries

"A man provided with paper, pencil, and rubber, and subject to strict discipline, is in effect a universal machine."

- Alan Turing

Turing Robotic Industries

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