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Turing Phone Reservation infographic

Thank you for being patient while we finish up production details for the Turing Phone™

We are pleased to inform you that Turing Robotic Industries has teamed up with Foxconn Group in an exclusive relationship to produce the Turing Phone.

Foxconn brings decades of experience in world-class electronics manufacturing. TRI and Foxconn will formulate a DFM (Designed For Manufacturing) process so that TRI’s Turing Phone may scale in production to serve its worldwide needs.

What this means for you is you’ll get a product that’s superior in quality and performance as soon as possible.

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Purchase and Shipping Dates

Be sure to mark your calendars for the following dates!

  • September 21st 2015 – “Circle of Friends” invites ready for those who have reserved the phone during the initial reservation period
  • September 24th 2015 – Pre-order for the Dark Wyvern special edition (full payment required)
  • September 24th 2015 – All reservations will be informed to pay for the order (full payment required); upgrade to Dark Wyvern option will be available
  • December 18th 2015 – Official shipment of the Turing Phones
Turing Phone Icon

Dark Wyvern News

Wyverns are careful to be silent when flying and keep their shadows unseen. These traits give the Wyvern the ability to be stealth so its foes are unaware of the creature.

We thought it fitting to name our flagship phone after the mythical creature so often associated with heraldry. We hope you’ll carry your Dark Wyvern as a badge of distinction and honor.

Series II Special Edition Turing Phone Pricing:
Dark Wyvern (128GB) $999
Dark Wyvern Glaedr (128GB) $1299*

*only 3,000 Glaedr will be produced; further details on the Glaedr will be announced on September 9th 2015.

Turing Phone Black Wyvern Hero
Turing Phone Black Detail
Turing Phone Black Wyvern Back

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From the CEO
SYL Chao | Turing Robotic Industries

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