Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020 and your first edition of theWeekly for the new decade.  

This last Sunday Joe reminded us that the Christian life is a conversation, not a monologue.  So, in preparation for the new year, and for our series on Creation Care, take a moment to check out this video about listening.  

Additionally, Joe and I shot this video with information for you on the upcoming series and a reminder that the call for you as a Home Church leader in the coming weeks is to hold tension so that everyone in your group can engage and discuss. 

Remember to check out the resources for this series on Lakeview's webpage.  We'll be updating this list as we come across more so check back. You might, in particular, want to check out this video with your Home Church.  

Our Scripture passage for this week is 2 Peter 3:8-13.

1. Take some time to sit quietly and then pray before you start the learning portion of your Home Church.  

2. Let everyone read the Bible Passage on their own.  You can provide Bibles for those who would like hard copies, but if they're more comfortable reading on their phones, that's ok too.  

3. Give everyone time to think about the passage and answer in their own heads and hearts one or more of the following questions.  (The goal is not to get all the questions answered, but to encourage your group to engage and wrestle with the passage.)  

LIGHT BULB - What stood out to you in this passage? Name something that  “shines” through, that impacts you, or draws your attention. 

QUESTION MARK- What questions do you have about the passage?  Is there something you don’t understand or something you would like to ask God or the author? 

ARROW- How can you apply this passage practically to life?

SPEECH BUBBLE- Who could benefit from hearing about what you’ve learned today?  Who in your life could you share what you learned through words or actions?

4. After you're finished with the Scripture reading, you can jump into the highlight reel here. 

5. Here are the questions from the highlight reel.  You can also find them in pdf form here.  

What are you calling into existence? What are other ways you are calling out juice boxes and parking spots?
Are you having a “conversation” with creation? How do you appreciate and listen to the created world around you?

When you pay attention to something, things change. How have you experienced this to be true?
What gets the most of your attention? Think about your daily life, and what takes up your energy.

Where do you think the world is headed? Have you heard these verses in 2 Peter before and how have they been interpreted?
How would it change our behaviour as a society if we reinterpreted these verses in the way Joe suggests?

What’s a resolution that you could adopt as a Home Church to care for the earth? Come up with practical ideas and keep one another accountable. (eg. No more straws, start composting, stop buying disposables, use a water bottle....)

HOME CHURCH HUDDLES are happening regularly over the year.  Mark your calendars for Nov 24, Jan 26, Mar 29 and May 24.  We'll meet after the second service in the Atrium to share a meal and regroup as leaders. 
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