This is our last edition of theWeekly for 2019.  Make a plan to celebrate the Christmas season with your Home Church during the month of December.  Our series on Creation Care will begin January 5th along with a relaunch of highlight reels so plan to begin meeting again that week.   

Advent is starting this Sunday and if you, your family or your Home Church would like ways to enter into this season of waiting, here are some great ways to do that:
  • God With Us is an Advent reader that you can use year after year. 
  • Ann Voskamp has some great resources for families to celebrate advent together.  
You can find these resources in our bookstore as well as online. 
  • If you haven't had an advent wreath in your home, take some time to explore what it means and then make one.  We've provided you with readings for the season of advent. You can find them on pages 179-180 in your journal.  
To get your heart and mind primed for advent, check out this video on our facebook page.  
If your Home Church would like to prepare a Christmas hamper for a family that could use extra love this season, let me know and I'll set you up. 

Alternately, family ministries has partnered with MCC this holiday season to collect contents for an infant care kit.  You can find a list of the items they are collecting here, and drop them off at the church.  

Here's a video you might want to share with your Home Church that gives us a primer on the Holy Spirit.  

Our Scripture passage for this week is 1 Corinthians 2:7-16.

1. Take some time to sit quietly and then pray before you start the learning portion of your Home Church.  

2. Let everyone read the Bible Passage on their own.  You can provide Bibles for those who would like hard copies, but if they're more comfortable reading on their phones, that's ok too.  

3. Give everyone time to think about the passage and answer in their own heads and hearts one or more of the following questions.  (The goal is not to get all the questions answered, but to encourage your group to engage and wrestle with the passage.)  

LIGHT BULB - What stood out to you in this passage? Name something that  “shines” through, that impacts you, or draws your attention. 

QUESTION MARK- What questions do you have about the passage?  Is there something you don’t understand or something you would like to ask God or the author? 

ARROW- How can you apply this passage practically to life?

SPEECH BUBBLE- Who could benefit from hearing about what you’ve learned today?  Who in your life could you share what you learned through words or actions?

4. After you're finished with the Scripture reading, you can jump into the highlight reel here. 

5. Here are the questions from the highlight reel.  You can also find them in pdf form here.  


Which week in our series on the Holy Spirit had the greatest impact on you? What was it that you learned?
What questions do you still have?


Do you have a hard time “tuning into” the Spirit?
When and how have you heard the Spirit guide and direct you in the past?
Is there a situation in which you need the Spirit’s guidance and strength right now?
Name it and pray for one another.


Where are the loopholes in your life? (remember that loopholes are often the situations where we would least expect to see or experience God)
How have you experienced the Spirit’s presence in the normal, every day life?


If gentleness is showing restraint and compassion, where do you need to display gentleness in your life?

HOME CHURCH HUDDLES are happening regularly over the year.  Mark your calendars for Nov 24, Jan 26, Mar 29 and May 24.  We'll meet after the second service in the Atrium to share a meal and regroup as leaders. 
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