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Open Badges 101 course

Update #4: Why, why, why?
Hello! Thanks again to those helping us build the Open Badges 101 course.

If you remember, we're aiming to bring information and resources into one place for those new to the Open Badges ecosystem/community. Last time we updated you on the Open Badge Awareness badge we created.

This time, we're getting in touch to tell you that we've completed a draft version of the second module: Why use Open Badges?

In this module you'll find:
  • Know: identify various ways in which Open Badges can be used
  • Do: choose between different types of badge pathway
  • Reflect: demonstrate ways in which Open Badges could work in your context
We very much value your input, so do get involved by adding thoughts via (built into the site itself). :)

— Bryan Mathers & Doug Belshaw
CC BY-SA 2015 Think Out Loud Club

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