Oh Suga!

As we continue to run to the ends of the earth in pursuit of Jesus, in sharing the salvation, healing, and deliverance of the one and only JESUS, we ask for your continued prayers and support. Our family is ever appreciative of you.  We are reminded that He is the sweetest, as we say in the south, 'sweet as suga', and you all truly reflect the pleasure of Him in the earth.

Immediate needs are tickets and travel expenses to Brazil, New Zealand, Jakarta, Colombia, & America, in February and March, plus general monthly operations expenses. Partners are always with us wherever we go!

You know, when you fix your mind on Jesus, your perspective changes vastly. It aligns with heaven in a moment! May the glorious and violent love of Jesus wrap you wholly warm today. 


Valentine, St. Valentine 
He encountered truth
He became entwined

Likewise, not what I want 
But what I have
I give to all before me 
Faith, Hope, & Love
Why should the world lie in want 
When I hold the key

The Gate Beautiful
I’m familiar with the day
Even to the lame
Such love’s to be displayed

The faith it takes to SEE the BLIND
To view the broken
To cross the line 
Of fear and doubt

Love, so free, fear can’t hold on
Even by a thread
Get out of my head 
And into my spirit
The downright revelation of upright livin’

It demands to be practiced
Worked out willingly
Faith is a muscle 
Clinging to hope
Moving in love’s step

Fixed hearts
Steadfast minds
These are the kind
That live for the divine

The unseen advances
Not bound by space or time
Not illusively but intentionally 
Christ in me

The glory that stays hope’s very blood red
That said, hope against hope
In Heaven’s King
He’s crowned in divinity

And that’s why
I won’t I awaken to a kiss
A kiss from my married one
On 'morrow I’ll miss
‘cause we’ve heard the call
We’ve dove into love’s heart
We hope in the inheritance of
Heralding salvation 
Of soaring up & going in
Until we meet again 

On the 14th
Remember this

Valentine, St. Valentine 
He encountered truth
He became entwined

Infinite love,
Jason and Gina


We operate soley on
offerings and partners. 

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For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.
Habakkuk 2:14KJV


Get to know us

•    Jason Lee Jones and his wife Regina are completely ruined for Jesus. The more they encounter the kindness of Jesus, the more they long to be his voice of passion and compassion in the earth. They are internationally recognized speakers, preachers, teachers, authors, poets, songwriters, and accomplished musicians and missionaries. 

•    In light of their global service in a myriad of capacities, they have a vivid perspective of the church and missions at large. Such faculties include the likes of senior and associate pastors, creative arts and worship pastors, missions’ directors, and mentors. At their core, they are true philanthropic missionaries with benevolent hearts, who are working on the front lines and also alongside those worldwide organizations to physically feed, clothe, and educate the impoverished, and rescue those in conflict areas. Wholeheartedly, they focus on influencing influencers via facilitating leadership development, bible schools, missions training, consultations, and are especially gifted with a distinct propensity in drawing out the gifts of artisans through art intensives with an emphasis on building world changers through a modern day renaissance. Together, they are integral voices stewarding and sustaining global movements.


How might you help? Partner with us! 

You may wish to give a massive one time gift or give out of your abundance monthly.  We sincerely need to increase our base support group in order to keep running into the deep places of missions. 
To do so, you may follow this link, Thank you!!

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